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  • I'm sure beastmode has told you this a gazillion times, but I figured I would too... except... not a gazillion times.

    So contest will of course proceed, but we're not gonna be running it on Quicktopic, Beastmode, Wubbzy, Lucifer, Raichu, myself, and a bunch of other advanceshippers have been developing a new advanceshipping forum -> here <- :D

    It's pretty legit, and awesome, it's like Quicktopic and Bulbaguarden combined.
    Lol pagibig. Favorite shoe ever. And yeah hes an ass. I can't believe how much momentum the advanceshipping community is having though. It's exploding here in bulbagarden
    Walang hanggan is kind of the same. I can't stand Nathan though and I don't like that they live together now. I don't like johanna either. But damn..Oliver is a boss! Very smart guy. He got everyone turning on Alfred lol
    The judges are itssupereffective, PorahgonX, and Lightning_Raichu. And yeah, there will be a first, second, and third. The prize is getting to be the judge for next month's contest, and first place picks the theme. But banners would be really cool as well if you wanted to make them :D

    Beastmode953 said he's working on us getting a contest thread in the writer's workshop, so it'll be easier to use that and we won't be stuck on the QuickTopic discussion.
    I know this is completely random but.....Oliver from dahil sa pagibig....IS A FUCKING BOSS!!!! LOVING THAT SHOW RIGHT NOW!
    Sweet :D

    You saw the link to the new contest chat, right? Moderators wanted us to move, so for now, we're gonna talk here until we can figure something else out. Beastmode said he was talking with moderators to allow us just to make our own thread. We'll see what happens.
    Hi I'm just wondering how you been?
    I recently quit a site that I used to be there since about 4 years ago. Nice avatar though. Just dropping by to say hi.
    This is true. The other half only care about shipping by air.

    I think what irks me most is he was given absolutely no warning or chance for recompense. If he straight up dissed the mod then I would be fine. But he politely asked someone to...well be more polite. What InsanishDanish did was perfectly okay. Told him he was starting to toe the line a bit to thinly, and that any further push would lead to an infraction. Okay, that's fine. But immediately after that Evil Figment went in and pushed all those bans on ATR and acted like he had just threatened the government. You don't do that with the content of the comment. You give the person a warning and tell them they had done something wrong in their eyes. At the most you give them an infraction. Hey my first ever post here got me an infection. I posted some pictures and was curious as to who the author was because i didn't know. Since I failed to provide sources, I had an infraction for copyright infringement, but that was all. I was politely told to just provide resources next time. Thats what they should have done to ATR.

    I couldn't agree more. Just because I am an AdvanceShipper doesn't mean I don't like Misty. I love her character. She was the original tomboy/funny girl on the scene. I think this whole "Disappear Theory" about how characters left behind (Misty, May, Dawn, Max, Brock, etc.) will be forever removed from Pokemon. No, that's false. They will make cameos every now and again, and somewhere down the road reappear. There are too many implications of mutual and everlasting friendship between all the above mentioned and of them keeping in touch thoroughly throughout the years for Poke Inc to just ditch them. They will reappear when marketing tells them it will be a good move.
    All given and all taken but my point remains the same. If this was real at any certain extent then there was nothing wrong with Alex's comment, and all wrong with the mods. My concern is purely with corruption. I don't see any currently but at the end of the day reading in-between the periods and within the crossed Ts will show you what motives are behind any given comment. There's not need to get into the nitty gritty when you look at things for what they are. The comment in question had no malice, no dark intention, no false perception. It was a direct way of asking someone to be polite. The fact that the mods and admins saw infraction in that scares me, and will lead me to become more inactive here.

    Not sure if you know this, but I was once a hardcore Contest/PokeShipper. Hard to believe where I ended up right? Well since I know the best and worst of both worlds I can honestly say that PokeShipping has gotten...desperate. The original solid arguments we...or they once had no longer have solid ground and everything with them has to be taken with a grain of salt.

    All in all I know when something's wrong and how the wrong got there. It's a scary talent of mine that I wish I didn't have. For the sake of my own profile, I refrain from mentioning more.
    I don't think that the AS Christmas Special and ADV Kiss are real to any extent, I was (or at least thought I was) stating that you can't really barge in to some place and start policing rumors, legends, and stories.

    I hope you understand, Midnight.
    I feel as if this is all just a product of miscommunication and false understanding. I'm not like mad about it, I just get so annoyed when I see formal problems being dealt with in an unprofessional matter. That is all. If this were real life the mods involved would be in serious trouble.

    However this isn't real life, and I must learn to remember that.
    Yeah I'm okay with mods for the most part but I have a bone to pick with Insanish Danish for multiple, non-disclosed and private reasons. I don't want anarchy, so I'm happy they're here.

    AlexTheRose really didn't get that intense. Like if it looked obvious to me he was getting intense then I would have been like "ya shoulda had better self control dude" But it wasn't that bad. He even put a smiley face at the end of it to show he was trying to be polite.

    Besides it's not a mod's job to validate or invalidate a given rumor. It's to keep peace. If the given rumor was causing a chaotic mess, then they interrupt it. But it is truly a biased opinion. So if they write in the thread about their opinion, they are basically signing on the dotted line, stating

    "I, (state your name), do hereby agree that by posting this I am becoming a contributing member to the post, and not a responsible mod. I am acting, writing, and taking the place of a regular person, and understand and accept all risks and regulations that come with it."

    And thats just the close cousin of a professional businessman speaking.
    Happy Birthday :DD
    And so for your birthday present...we're gonna ban an innocent member of our favorite shipping forum simply because he was right and we were wrong/moderators can have all the controversy they want but the members cannot! Woohoo!
    Also, a great big controversy that has actually been proven TRUE will now start a debate that will end the AdvanceShipping forum and deem it unpostable! Woohoo!
    Since humans have absolutely no rights, we will not even try to pretend they exist here on BMGF! Woohoo!
    Happy Birthday again from the AdvanceShipping moderators!

    ................i leave the forum for one day and this is what happens. Ya know I could have ended it before it started but now we're sunk. Guess we have to go the "advanceshipping.net" AtR set up to post about this. Shame a 327 thread-long post came to and end so quickly.

    Again, happy birthday. This time from a Porygon-Z lover who cares :)
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