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  • Hi there, we traded a while back where I sent you some shiny Pokemon in exchange for Charizardite Y. I recently received a shiny Dedenne in a giveaway that I'm willing to part with in exchange for a Pinsirite. The Dedenne is Kalos-native (obviously) and legit, but it has no max IVs.

    I tried PMing you regarding this a few days ago, but your inbox seems to be full. Just let me know if you're interested; I could really use a Pinsirite.
    Thank you too! Inkay will be in a double battle team with flareon, so maybe when they are done we can battle together. :) Btw your private box is full, so you might want to delete any old mail you have cause it won't let me send any more messages. lol
    Thank you so much and Im sorry it took so long ^^ Thanks to you I now have all three Kalos starters shiny. <3
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