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  • Dunno if you'll ever see this, but here's hoping you've been enjoying uni!
    I love how you made dogasu shut up in the BW thread about the pokabu thing :D

    Others have probably mentioned this before,but would be interested in joining us in skype with other forum regulars? :D sexy crazy bitches like Iteru and jjm are there too.
    I wonder if they ever know that they are crazy or if they are ignorant.

    It would take a while but the screencapping wouldn't be too bad if you disabled avatars, sigs and went for 40 posts a page.
    There is of course the risk of mental implosion though.
    I probably will be bored and end up wasting it away like I normally do xD
    Uni is going well, haven't had any major slipups yet. I get a month's holiday from the 17th so looking forward to that :p
    Yes, as well as 7 different types of medication.

    Yeah, I've only ever heard the word used for the water. I know that the final evo can learn Boiling Water, but it a huge stretch. Not sure about cities in Canada, let alone here in England xD I'm not sure why they renamed it either, or for Reshiram's and Zekrom's species.
    I'm now under 24 hour supervision...

    I don't mind any of them really, though if I had to pick out the worst one it would be Unova.
    I haven't read that thread in a while. I might see if I can fare any better in there.
    At least it keeps the radical shippers annoyed.

    I wonder if he can keep it up for the entire saga. I sure hope so :p
    I wonder if Scott says that then :p
    I don't think I've ever really cared about what his age is myself but I do think it was a little weird that they had an anniversary of the start of his adventure.

    That's a good point, plus Dento seems to be able to get away with it more subtly.
    Yeah, I hate it when people say that Ash is older then 10.
    Damn people, I want my fun filled ep!
    Yeah they should do more fun stuff like that! I'd want an April Fool's themed one to see what shenanigens everyone would get up to.
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