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  • Ive no idea about black/white, but it's not used much. Also all Dusclops have it though (or whatever its evolve is called.)
    I have no idea.

    That was really stupid. Actually, I can buy the explanation that what Zekrom did in the first episode affected Pikachu but then it keeps losing even though it has 'recovered.'

    I think its time they retired Ash completely.
    nope. i think you have to talk to Hero about that. if he isnt the guy then im sure he knows the person to ask.
    I'm hardly ever onto the IRC, myself. If I get in there at some point before it starts working for you, though, I'll let them know you want to talk to them. This is the guy who runs #Bulbabattle, so you can try PM'ing him if you want.
    Possibly. I don't control what goes on in the IRC channel, though. I only manage the Forum-wide tournaments when they're held.
    Well, like I said you'd have to ask in the IRC channel as that's where most tournaments are held from. Forum-wide tournaments with prizes and stuff need to be approved by the admins; and Archaic himself.

    64 people would probably be hard to find, though. Even the Christmas tournament, where the prize was a Black or White pre-order, didn't get all that many participants.
    $170? What was it a DSi XL?

    If you watch the sales really closely, you could probably get a replacement DS Lite for $60 or less. Back in November I noticed that Zellers had them on sale for that price, and they'll only get cheaper as the 3DS gets closer.
    Yeah, but like I said in the thread it's more of something you'd post in the blogs. That's why we have the blogs as part of the forum.
    It adds your remaining health and the opponents remaining health, splits them in half, and brings each pokemon to that amount.
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