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  • I've got one now I'm afraid! :(
    I need a Firestone to get it to Ninetails though! :)
    still need a shiny stone! but I'm only after legendaries now with a few exceptions
    erm... 9am UK time or 9am US time?
    I won't be home for another 12 hours (after the time on this message)
    I'm at university then work, but I will be on at 9:30pm (UK time)
    attach a shiny stone to Anorith and I'll you a choice:

    - Kabuto
    - Dratini
    - Omanyte
    - Azurill
    - Buneary

    you choose :)
    First off you'll need a pal pad (it should be in your key items if you already have it)

    Second register me in it: Greg Friend Code: 0602 3570 7259

    Third: give me your name and friend code so I can add you in mine

    Fourth: make sure the pokemon you're trading is in your tearm

    Fifth: Go into a pokemon center, go downstairs and join there

    Sixth: you'll see me and we'll be able to trade!
    I've got 2 Scyther's I guess a Lileep or Anorith will do!
    Don't need the dome fossil as I already have Kabutops and Omnastar and Aerodactyl
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