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  • Ah, season 3 was definitely my favorite. Seeing Judai turn evil made me cry as a kid. There was so much character development and the transformation was pure brilliance. I also loved the dark transition it made.
    My aim was not to make you feel better. It was to make you realize the fallacies of your opinion about yourself, and hopefully to knock some sense into you. The point of a forum is to interact with other people, and to learn and share things with them. Think of when you met Crow, if you hadn't sent her that first message about friend safaris, you wouldn't be the good friends that you are today. So don't hesitate to talk to people; you may end up meeting some awesome new people! :D
    No, Crow did not pay me (she couldn't even if she wanted to, due to logistical limitations). She's only trying to help you so you should show her some respect. I'm not sure what outside circumstances may have caused you to form such an opinion about yourself regarding the forum, but I can tell you that the problem is not the people, nor the views, nor the franchise; the only problem is your attitude towards the forums. There are people who are willing to listen to you and what you have to say (take your last blog for example), and others who just want to strike up friendly conversations about the greatest anime in existence *cough*GX*cough*, but you seem ignorant of all that. One of our former BBL Gym Leaders was already married, yet he still happily enjoyed all the glorious battles and people the forum had to offer. The only thing that makes you an old geezer is you thinking that you are one.
    Oh, and you have a lot of explaining to do to Crow. Trust me man, you do not want to make her mad xD
    Hey, before you do anything rash, I want you to know that there are a lot of people on the forums that care about you and your opinions. Your comments on the discussion threads are really insightful and interesting, and it would be a shame if you just left, especially just before the release of ORAS.
    Haha the Japanese is much better than the English dub for sure. I shudder at what Season 4 might have been like in English. Though I still like the name Jaden better than Judai for some reason.
    Alright, fair enough. How about we change the topic? You caught wind of my GX reference. Are you a fan of the show too?
    hey there, oh I'm glad to hear that. You should also really check out arc V when u have time. it is amazing :)
    I was actually hoping for a battle on cartridge. Any tier, any format.
    Haha you recognized it! My favorite line from my favorite show :'D Oh, I can't be sure about that until I find out for myself~ So, how about it? Let's see what happens with Gallade vs. Garchomp.
    Hi there! You seem like a fierce battler and calculating strategist. That gets my battle spirit fired up. So Norzan, get your game on!
    Ahaha I wouldn't expect less from you :p Gotcha~!

    Ahahah killed me, my mom owes lots too. I am glad ^^^So when you get the game.. Brawl? >:D
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