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  • You may not know me and excuse me for asking but I saw you offering your help to someone with filling the National Dex (on a blog), since you happen to have all Pokémon. I am wishing to complete the National Dex in Black 2 but I am desperate in obtaining entries for some rare, hard to obtain Pokémon. Could you help me with tradebacks? I am a very honest person so when I receive your Pokémon you will be sure to get it back. I just want the entries in my Pokédex.

    The Pokémon I would want to do tradeback with are:


    And then there's also Keldeo, Meloetta and Genesect, but I'm not sure, do you need these three to complete the National Dex? If so, I want to Tradeback these too.
    I think I can obtain all other Pokémon by myself. I hope you are able to help. If not, I understand.
    4471 3235 2166


    I have a Haunter waiting to evolve here, since we are going to trade stuff, perhaps you could help me evolving it to save me some trouble?
    That is great! I want to ask you something, do you happen to have a Gible egg in any Gen V game? I have a free slot in my current team and I was hoping to use a Garchomp again. It is okay if you do'nt have, though.
    Oh yeah that's true, they probably would be. It'd be cool if they introduced new dungeons whether in Wind Waker HD or Zelda Wii U that weren't sand temples or water temples repeats. I really loved the City in the Sky in Twilight Princess, that was a really unexpected temple (even though it terrified me to play since I was so afraid of falling off xD) plus the boss battle was AMAZING. The Twilight Palace was really cool too, although I heard some people say that it was the shadow temple from Ocarina of Time only sort of reimagined.
    I was actually thinking about that, like how Wind Waker HD graphics look really cool but won't have the cartoony graphics I really like. I still have and play my old Wind Waker disc so it's not so bad.
    There were going to be cut dungeons? I didn't know that, do you know if they ever revealed what they were?
    I gotta get Wind Waker HD once the Wii U comes out! Those graphics are amazing, I can't wait to do another playthrough.
    You wouldn't believe how disorientating it is for me to play Twilight Princess for the Wii. I played for hundreds of hours on the Gamecube only, and then it's really weird when the entire game just flips over. Like, if you remember that little tunnel that's next to the Faron Spring, I go through it and ALWAYS run into the wall on the right because I'm so used to going to the right to Coro's place.
    Haha I agree that it was pretty cool, but I don't think my heart could take another bout of Silent Realms.
    I'm really excited for Zelda Wii U! I haven't even actually gotten a Wii U yet, I've still been using my Wii for a few years now, but I'll probably wait even after Zelda Wii U comes out for a few months and wait for the price to go down. I might buy a bundle if the Wii U is Zelda themed, that would be awesome.
    SOO MUCH BACKTRACKING WITH THE GODDESS CUBES. I am not a fan at all of the Silent Realms either. Like they were a really cool idea but they stressed me out so much. Silent Realm Guardians were literally the reason I never went back and played Hero Mode.
    Haha if I had better controls I could probably enjoy it a lot more, I thought everything else was really amazing. I honestly don't remember too much about the Thunder Dragon besides that really cool shtick of going back in time in certain areas to go further.
    Totally agreed, I love Link the most in Twilight Princess. Wind Waker is actually my second favourite too, but I'm in the minority when I say that I'm actually not the biggest fan of Skyward Sword. I love the story and the characters and look of the game, and I think it's really cool that it's the first chronological Zelda game, but I had a lot of trouble trying to get Link to swing certain ways or to swing at all, which actually was a big deterrent since I had trouble battling basically anything, especially Ghirahim. I LOVE the idea of him swinging like me, but it'd be cool if there was also an option to just use the Wiimote as a regular controlller too.
    Oh my god I know exactly how you feel, like, straight 10/10 for me. It was actually my first Zelda game, I never even heard of Zelda before Twilight Princess came around, so it's a big nostalgia thing for me.
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