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  • Yeah, let me know when you're online. I literally have about 10 mins of battery life and no charger.
    Thank you for that, though I would have been fine not receiving anything in return due to the long delay. I'm actually quite surprised about how generous this community is, everyone has still given me the items they promised so far.

    It will only be closed about 5-7 days so I can replay Y again and transfer all of my Pokes from my previous file. You are still free to leave requests, I just won't start working on them until after I've finished.

    No problem, glad I could help. ^_^
    I may have to do that myself as my collection grows bigger and I become more desperate. Only three regions house the river pattern though, one being my own country, so hopefully that gives me some sort of favourable trading commodity for the other patterns.
    Thank you for the vivillon. Enjoy your Scatterbug. I hope you don't mind them being caught in a premier ball, they are my preferred type of Pokeball.
    Don't remember myself, unfortunately...
    Glad to hear you're doing okay~ I fell like that half the time, myself.
    I wish America had that event, if not more events in general... Free things are always nice, really. Just keep the cards for a few years and sell them when there's demand :3
    I should be able to help you with that Yveltal, actually~ (Probably as a tradeback, but I'm not sure yet.)
    Some interesting things get put into Wonder Trade, from what I hear. Might just get into it again, myself.
    Oh, I'm doing well, thanks:)
    Well, hello there~ It's entirely possible that you have no idea who I am anymore, but regardless, I'm bored. so I thought I'd say hi~ How have you been?
    ...Well, actually, you might want to check my username history...
    Hi there, I'm back! I don't remember the content of that message, though! xD Sorry about that, most probably it was about meeting up for a trade online or something like that. Anyways, have a great day.
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