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  • One of the earlier scans mentioned 5/22 for an appearance. It's possible that with the postponement, that it may have been an updated date but we're not sure.
    Oh, ok~ That's interesting. Wonder why they didn't just translate that card~ Thanks for the answer~ :)
    Because there no chnages to the anime page oin April Fools Day this year, I decided to put a thread for laughing named: Pokemon news on April 1st. Delete when there's no April 1st anymore
    The differences between the Japanese and English versions of the first movie are pretty huge in run-time, OST, script and story. It's a standard 4Kids dub... which means it's a macekre.

    I don't care much about the current series nor have I been following it lately.
    I'm going to stop visiting the anime forums altogether. The discussions are really repetitive and I have very little interest in the anime.
    I'm pretty sure the Decolore opening mess is done by Cartoon Network, if that's what you're talking about. The Italian airings so far keep the third version of "It's Always You and Me" instead of the second, which is being erroneously used in the US.
    I've asked my friend FANG-TAN to translate the page, and it does refer to Ash's "three traveling companions". So that's the confirmation I needed, which should have been provided weeks ago.

    Serena doesn't seem to have much in the way of a proper goal so far. I do think that Super Training could work if the writers were willing to explore different sides of battlint, but I am not expecting that to happen.
    I don't blame people for assuming that she's a regular companion, but that doesn't make them right. There is little point in telling them that they could be wrong, seeing as they've already made up their minds.
    No. I'd like to see a full translation, but I don't see any further indication that she's a regular companion rather than a special case.
    Ah, and just wanted to ask, would you like to be my friend? I see you had quite some common friend as me. I'm open to any discussion related to Pokemon and non-Pokemon.
    Did you mean the original Pokemon Gold&Silver game on Super Gameboy? Or the sequel anime that was supposed to be aired when the very first Kanto journey of Ash Ketchum was planned to put an end?

    Unfortunately, I'm not an archaeology student that study the history of Pokemon franchise. Though I knew a bit about it, but not deep into it. Silktree should know a lot more than me, he is much more knowledgeable in that field.

    If you are talking about the prior one, which I don't think the postponement of sales of game has anything to do with the airing of the anime. Game sales of any game title (not only limited to Pokemon) has never anything to do with the airing anime of the same title.
    If you are talking about the latter one, then I doubt about it. Firstly because the staff from TV Tokyo was unsure to end the OS or to continue it back at that time, it will be just unreasonable to plan a sequel anime when the OS was not even ended, or rather say unsure to put an end or not. The one that will know is Shudo Takeshi, the first scriptwriter of Pokemon anime. But unfortunately he is no more around. And from the past diary and blogs of him, it doesn't seem any sequel anime was planned back at then.
    No. I've said for a while now that she could be an on-and-off companion with a separate story as a rival. There is no way to tell for sure right now.
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