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  • I don't think the episode happens in Sanyou Gym.

    Sanyou Gym Crisis! Ambush Dent through Dojo Challenge!!
    This is FANG-TAN's translation. A Dojo Challenge could mean that someone has come searching for Dento and confront him in Decorola and challenges Dento through a Dojo Challenge. That's what I think from the summaries. If you know something more that contradicts, don't hesitate to share it with me :p
    Yeah, I am. I'm not too disappointed she hasn't appeared in the anime. If she were to make an appearance, she should be the main character. :p

    I think Touko's an attractive character, but I prefer Mei.
    Hikari was in the tail end of the first episode of Season 2. The higher than average ratings at the beginning have to do with the show starting a "new era"(BW2) and being heavily advertised, not because Hikari. The Homika double airing was heavily advertised as well and double airings tend to rank highly as for Lizardon, the rating is perfectly normal. BW ratings tend to gravitate around 4-7. Not like it matters what I tell you on technical matters of the show anyway, you'll believe what ever you want. As for Da!, I really don't care about your criticizing it and it has nothing to do with my likeness of BW or Iris, I'm just correcting you because your information is very false and it gives a lot of people the wrong idea.
    Show me some proof for where you get your target audiences and then I would take you more seriously, for now I'm going with my own information. According to old Corocoro info PokeSpe and Pokemon Anime are nearly in the same demographic. There was never a target audience for the games either.
    "Why the movie only features one?"

    I'm not sure. It's possible they want to keep things a secret until the last possible moment.

    "Do you think that the 'biggest scoop of the century' will be very big or it will be like every issue of one generation just before release?"

    Things are most likely being over-hyped for the title of 'biggest scoop', so I'd say it's the latter.

    "There will be something gamebreaking like revealing a new type in next issue? Don't say what, for obvious reasons.
    For gamebreaking I don't sell: new character, new Gym Leaders, new info from Team Flare, new pokemon, second/third stages of starters, event pokemon reveal, side quest reveal*,"

    Another new type? Honestly I highly doubt it; while they did release two types for Gold/Silver, many people have said the introduction of the Fairy type was to balance the game since Dragons were over-powered. If this is really true I don't know because I never played Pokémon competitively and studied the meta-game. But the people at Game Freak typically know what they're doing, so I don't think they'd do something to break the competitive aspect of the game.

    "Has some of your rumours not true because changes in development, like Patrice?"

    Yes, I will admit that I was wrong about Patrice because of the reason you stated.
    Sorry for not responding to your PM. I am very busy at the moment. Do you have Skype? If you can't access to Serebii, maybe we can use it whenever an immediate issue you need to ask my help for like this occurs . I won't be active a lot in either site due to the work load of the college.
    Masuda announced the Mewtwo distribution on Smash (they actually used a silhouette for that), and that had nothing to do with the anime. It is not unprecedented for Smash to reveal minor information about upcoming games.

    The Victini reveal wasn't really anime-related. It was just hinted to have a connection to Movie 14, but that was only confirmed five months later.
    You'd got banned because you said things that make non-sense in the forum there. Some of them very spamming.

    Not exactly. I was banned because last Monday I decided to make rules about possible speculation about the XY anime. In other words, mini-modding.

    But why I get banned was because I start attacking @Pokemaniac24 and @AgentPierce about that the TR vs TP episodes aren't airing getting 13 points in 10 days.

    But Gothitelle K was banned recently, Pokemaniac24 has siddenly stopped posting 3 weeks ago and AgentPierce is the only one who is login and posting.

    When I said:
    "The TR vs TP are almost impossible to air" is fine.
    But when I said:
    " The TR vs TP episodes aren't going to air because Pokemaniac24 said so." is infractable".

    I will get unbanned in 40 hours but I think that I shouldn't post much here until my 13 point infractions expired.
    Do you think that we could get a teaser for the new saga after next week's episode, just as we got a teaser for Episode N in late November (when the league got started)? I'm just wondering if they may not want to take our minds off the Episode N climax.
    Am I missing something about Goltik? How do you know that he really works for TPCi? Any fan could have made those predictions.
    I agree with most of your predictions here (the Contest part seems a little random and I think that there could be more than one PWT cup), but I wouldn't be sure about Iris returning to Unova. If multiple gym leaders show up in Kanto, it is possible that Iris will battle Drayden again, if not also Clair. She may not want to be the Opelucid gym leader (right now she only seem flattered by the idea, as opposed to being interested in it). Maybe she'll just train in Blackthorn City.

    If the writers wanted, they could have Burgundy and Georgia follow Ash and co. to Kanto. I don't think it's necessary at all, but it is silly that some people think that Ash needs to stay in Unova just so that the rivals can get closure. I think that if the writers had planned a fourth Unova saga, Episode N would have just been incorporated into it.
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