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  • By the way, I don't think that upcoming merchandise releases can help us predict what the next saga is going to be about. The I Love Marine series is just a celebration of Water-type Pokémon meant to coincide with the summer vacation. It will be followed by the I Love Gothic series, which will celebrate Ghost-type Pokémon and some Dark-type ones (and even Espeon and Croagunk), to coincide with Halloween.

    The movie merchandise listings don't hint at any more surprises. Eevee, its evolutions (including Sylveon), Genesect and Mewtwo will be the focus.

    The merchandise featuring the Subway Masters doesn't necessarily hint at their return. They're popular characters who have already been featured in recent releases. They are no different than some of the Unova Gym Leaders in that regard.

    Luckily, next month's CoroCoro should reveal details about the next saga. I definitely don't think that it has to be set in Unova just because of the movie location, which we know is not Castelia City. As past movies have shown, the location can be based on Central Park without the movie being set in Unova. Also, the "Adventures in Unova" dub title is not necessarily representative of the entire season, especially considering the misleading "Galactic Battles" and "Sinnoh League Victors" titles.
    It is not impossible for them to leave, but it is definitely a stretch to think that they are more likely to leave than stay.
    Charizard might have flown to Pallet Town looking for Ash. It is possible that Charizard agreed to join Professor Oak in order to surprise Ash in Unova.
    Goltik claimed to be a TPCi worker. He made two very simple predictions that turned out to be true, but that's it. He didn't even imply that the two-parter would be retconned or that Team Plasma would be the focus of a new storyline, so I have no idea why some people still believe him. Anyway, I agree with your points, and there's also this to consider (by the way, ObjectionMan is probably AgentPierce).

    I replied to your points about Charizard in the respective thread. I really don't expect to see Liza again since she didn't even return for Charizard's appearances in the Battle Frontier saga.

    What makes you think that Team Plasma are going to be shafted? While I don't expect anything too interesting, the saga would be devoid of developments without Team Plasma, and they're already appearing pretty frequently.
    Don't try to teach me about Kids Or Kids Anime .
    First of all , Kid doesn't give a dam care about sidekick's , we older fan do .
    Also , Kids are most sensitive to Protagonist winning & Losing then we adult are !
    They doesn't give a dam care about the Philosophy of Losing !
    And Kids aren't Stupid , They are impatient but not Stupid.
    I verify my theory with actual Kids before shouting .
    Unlike some people who shout about Ash being Overpowered and his sidekick not getting any Spotlight DP .
    At the end , Director/Writer listen to them and ruin Ash permanently.
    They should have Kept their month shut !
    So Don't try to tell me Pokemon is Kids Anime and Director/Writer can do any trash they want .
    I watch enough Kids Anime to know how a Kids Anime work and Pokemon Director/Writer did nothing for Kids expect blaming them for their Bad Writing !
    Kids doesn't give dam care about cute furry anime dancing !
    Babies and Girls Does !
    Only Reason Pokemon surviving it because of all the fame it collect during Original Series and the Game.
    So I will keep complaining !
    Just like those idiot complain about Ash being overpowered and stealing all the spotlight from his traveling companion in DP.
    So !
    Writer going to do lame job and I have to shut up !
    That everybody has to good thing about Writer even When they are lame or Shut up , Its that what you want people to do !
    Well news flash , Nobody want to be writer's Lackey !
    And Stop blaming little Kids !
    Oh , What An Idea !
    You can't find any way to defend your precious writer So you blame little kids .
    That Teen doesn't like this Bad writing but Kids loves it.
    Good idea ! Since Kids can't complain .
    But , You know What !
    I verify my theory with enough Kids and they all hate this !
    I don't shout thing in Random like those idiot who complain about Ash being So ''unbeatable'' and his traveling companion not getting any spotlight because of Ash during DP.
    Those guy were complete liar who didn't even watch DP But act like they watch the whole show because Ash wasn't ''Unbeatable'' during DP and Dawn/Brock got their spotlight !
    Kids doesn't like this ether , They hate this series & League more then we do .
    It just like people say Romance has no place in Kids Anime !
    But Most Kids Anime like Doremon , Perman , Shugo Chara , etc has Romance involve.
    Because Kids love ''One-side Crush'' Since it make an Anime more exciting & Challenging.
    That what they want ! EXCITEMENT !
    They doesn't gives a dam care about Ash traveling companion and if they getting any spotlight !
    Its something we do !
    And as far as I know , The former Head Writer Takeshi Shudo said that they intend Pokemon to be a ''Family Anime'' !
    May be that why the earlier writing was so good !
    Because then Writer tried to create a show that appealing to everyone .
    Now the Current writer use little Kids as excuse to sack off and sightseeing with their girlfriend .
    Disgusting !
    And If they does Lame job then I will say Lame thing about them .
    The Lamer they get , The brutal My insult will be .
    If you have a problem then go to japan and fix them.
    Instate off telling people to stop saying the right thing about then
    It's not updated right now. What it looks like now is when it's not updated.
    And of course, you won't see placeholder until the pokemon is about to release. Specially becauser to evade a erroneous release they aren't start to sell the secret pokemon until some time after the reveal (1 month generally).
    So what's your point?

    And apart from that, a new episode features Axew in the middle of the League. I think that Axew will evolve because doesn't make sense otherwise. But if you find Genesect early release suspicious, I also find that is suspicious that Axew could evolve because the new movie trailer in the same date Iris might not appear because has left the cast in the meantime.
    The new trailer is unlikely to show any human characters. They don't have to show us that Iris is going to leave (which I highly doubt) if they don't want to do so right now. And why would they make Axew evolve during the league rather than during the Iris-centric episodes in the Dragon Village and Opelucid City?
    A new evolution of Eevee isn't gonna appear on the League. They don't reveal a new pokemon if we don't have any reason to think about Gen VI becoming soon except early Genesect reveal and the need of Nintendo to release Pokemon on 3DS (but they're two good reasons). Specially when we don't know any information. The Blaziken case was different because the Gen III are revealed (and some appearing in the anime) way before Blaziken is debuted. (The Blaziken situation is more comparable to Gary's Electivire).
    We're expecting to see a new Pokémon in February regardless of what happens with Eevee, since it is obvious that there will be a secret character. So how would showcasing a new evolution in January be all that different? It would serve to add flavor to the announcement of Generation VI, which could happen as early as next month at the Jump Festa event (or before that to set up the event).

    And apart from Gen VI, I see from Gamefreak making these games next year (and this can come in May/June):
    -RS Remakes (Rayquaza appears in merchandise recently)
    -Kanto re-remakes (I see some Mewtwo, a lot of Charizard and exist some rare merch with the Kanto Starters around (including Red).
    -A Generation V game but in a new region without 1) new pokemon or 2) few pokemon, and of it will be new evolutions of old pokemon (including Gen V?) in the major part. I note this because some merchandise recently that features Chikorita, Torchic and Piplup (not the rest of the region's starters) marked with Best Wishes , and the three aren't promote the actual games.
    The current merchandise is not evidence of future games; that has never been the case before. Only after new games are announced do they start to get promoted via merchandise, but not before that. Also, you don't think that popular old Pokémon can be promoted without being relevant to upcoming games? Just look at the TCG; it features the vast majority of Pokémon in any given generation.
    I can't. The episodes on the official Pokemon site + CN US's official website, both of them won't work for me. Mainly because they are region locked I think.
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