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  • Yeah. Just random, but random enough to work. XD

    ....Eevee. Not sure where, but an Eevee. and maybe she'll win a Clefairy/Cubone/Dratini from the Goldenrod Game Corner. :3
    That explains it.

    No. No, we can't.

    IT'S NOT BECAUSE WE'RE FRIENDS OR ANYTHING PFFFFFFFT But in all seriousness, I'm easily excitable. Maybe.

    Does McDonals even use actual chicken? :l
    I wonder who does her hair?

    Then I will rip your head off, kiddo! js

    ...DAMMIT I DO THAT TOO. All girls are different. Maybe she's into Swahili.

    Mmhmm. That 5th grader went on to become a philosopher! But since philosophy is dead, he now works at Wendy's. Life is cruel.
    It's cool, she has a beautiful design.

    Try thinking about something that pisses you off and then hugging a baby Labrador. (It MUST be a Labrador for this to work.)

    Then if you were to see my Chihuahua's jump range, your mind would just be so blown.ah, I see. I mostt like it because Italian sounds more romantic than French AND Spanish, but that's just my opinion.

    I just can't picture a 5th grader hitting on another. "Hey, baby, I'm eating some PB and J and I was windering if you'd be...the J to my PB."
    Not judging.

    Not enough adorable, not enough rage, too much SEIZURE.

    I don't really like the taste of milk, so...

    You'd be surprised at all the uses. No, not really. I prefer Italian.

    ...Wait, people hit on each other in the 5th grade?
    Then you have been doing it wrong. ALL WRONG. I think Steven was my first video game crush or something. 7 years and still got it.

    ...Demonstrate this arrangement right now.

    If you did, it would have ended up on El Faro. :U

    I like laguages, sue me~ Lingustics are just really interesting, is all. and you gotta love langauges that end everything with "durr."

    Huh. Cool. See, iIwould say that, but I truly have no idea if anyone's interested in me. My ability is Oblivious.
    BUT ARE YOU FULL OF RAGE AND ADORABLENESS? Now that is what women want in a man.


    I'm very fond of foreign names.Names from Icelandic, Latin, Italian and Turkish really stand out to me.
    Dude. Was that a joke, by the way? Non-existent? So you're saying you're comepletely available or soemthin?
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