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  • Alright, hopefully we bump into each other soon! I'd love a good set of smash matches. Tbh, I have probably gotten worse. I haven't played in so long I'm pretty sure I'm really rusty. If work calms down a bit this month I'll try to get back into the groove and stop neglecting my games.
    God, it's been forever. Perhaps you do like I do and pop on here every few months. I hope you and TK are doing well, I always remember you guys whenever I reminisce about the glory days of bmgf. Maybe you'll see this sometime in 2018 :p
    Somehow I remembered you and hoped you were doing well. If you don't remember me, I'm Nick. Hope your college life is well, and be well yourself Kiratwig.
    Kira! Yeah I'm doing good. I'll be graduating within a month and pretty much be back here. I think. XD I've done so much in the last two years I dunno if I'll get back on right away. Finishing school is like the end of a chapter so I'm gonna have to figure out what's next on the road.

    I never put Bulba off it, just took a detour around it for a bit so I could focus on school more.

    Ponies may have filled that gap in between though >>
    I'm doing great, I'm done with my Bachelor's Degree and am moving on to the Master's. I got married back in December, and have been having a great time! =D
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