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  • Maybe you could do a thing where everyone thinks it's one gender but it's really the other. That unintentionally happened with my character, one of the players thought my character was guy.
    It's a group made by the Co-GM. Not sure why he wanted everyone to post their sign ups there, but I'll give you the link to it: The Fox Pokemon - Bulbagarden Forums
    Oh yeah, it's been started for a little bit. We could use an extra guy to speed things up, we've been slowing down for some reason.

    But you have to post your little sign-up in this one group, then we'll put you in.
    Good evening, my Polkadot friend (or in your timezone, it's probably midnight or past that).

    So me and a new user have been planning out a PMD Roleplay, and I was wondering if you might be interested. It's going to be set in Unova, with the characters being humans turned into Pokemon, and the characters will have the constant threat of being caught by a Pokemon Trainer or Team Plasma and such. So what do you think?
    Things will get better *hug's*

    And your welcome.

    I'm gonna walk my dog now. :) Cya again sometime, maybe when our easiest to use computer is hooked up again we can do forum games here again sometime ^_^
    I'm enjoying kingdom hearts 13 forum :) I hope things get better for you *hug's* I remember when i used to be more active around here I liked ya quite a bit ^_^ Your posts always made me laugh XD Your a cool person *nod nod*
    Hey long time no see X3; Whats been up?
    Actually, I want to know a bit about the Seniko.
    Do they have 'castes', so to speak?
    Are they sentient and individual, with unique personalities, or are they pretty much the Borg?
    Do they come in different models?
    Let me warn you, Lucius and I are doing our own little bit of plotting. We'll need to check to ensure that neither we nor you have contradictory plans, soon.
    They both have that knowledgable craziness to them.

    If Arc asked it then I doubt it's doc who unless it's coming from your imagination
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