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  • I just need one for breeding purposes. I honestly don't care about the IVs or nature of the Illumise. I could give you a Modest, DW Poliwag with flawless HP, Attack and Sp. Attack IVs, if you like? By the way, my FC is 0046 5610 9610.
    Sorry for the confusion, but I also have only one copy of the Sableye. D=

    Hm, I guess I don't need the Duskull or Dusknoir then. Which one would you like?
    I have a female DW Sableye, but I also have a shiny, flawless Duskull and Dusknoir. However, I have only one copy of them. It would be nice if you could clone them. =3
    I'm sorry for this sudden VM, but I'm very, very interested in your DW Illumise. Unfortunately, I can't access my own Global Link account, so I have to trade in order to collect all DW females. What would you like in exchange for the Illumise?
    I've had it happen a couple of times during my internet tenure, though they're pretty far spread out and my internet tenure spans across like a decade and a half, so it's pretty awesome whenever it does happen. XD

    Honestly, I've always put the respect of agreeing to disagree or at least being appreciative of the work I've put into some of my posts (opposed to them being ignored, shrugged off because tl;dr, or being misinterpreted in horrible ways) over the agreeing/disagreeing itself. So especially to know from someone who doesn't always agree with me that they appreciate my posts anyway, that really does mean a lot to me and I thank you for it very much. ♥ Acknowledging that I do put a lot of thought and effort into my contributions to discussions means the world to me~ so really I should be thanking you for being so considerate and awesome. XD
    Oh wow, you live in Kentucky, too!

    ... Don't know why I felt the need to state the obvious. Kentuckians in my fandoms are just extremely rare. XD;
    i did a trade offer to anyone for a prime + 2 Stoutland for all the cards you need for your deck
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