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  • Other attacks like Yanapu's Bullet Seed (we saw it in some of the commercials) look really awesome too
    All attacks look really good this time and the animation in general improved a lot... everything looks so good! This makes me even more sad about BW not having Contests... both performance and Contest Battles could look even better now... oh well... I still hope we'll get some one special Contest or something but I know that's unlikely
    I think I showed this to him but he ignored it XD this is how Scott works - if you show him something that contradict his crazy theories, he'll either ignore it or write some ridiculous excuse to why that means nothing
    I guess you haven't seen the Announcement at the top of the forum? We're changing the way we handle speculation threads and review threads from now on.
    Nope, I don't have a problem with Ash training during the Grand Festival. In fact, I'm glad that he got to train, because that gave him something to do besides just sitting in the audience. ^_^

    And because Ash is the main character, I really think he deserves to have something fun to do, rather than just sit in the audience and watch May or Dawn's contests.
    Thanks! Hold on please... *searches for variation of "Thank You For Wishing Me A Happy Birthday!"*

    Aha, found it. Well, looks like we're one of those people who are obsessed with every tiny detail of the anime while the scriptwriters simply laugh at our petty arguments =P. Hope to see more of you at BMGf.

    And, um. So. Thanks again?
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