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  • Or it could be short for something that contains the words "plastic" and "soul," but not together. It also could have absolutely nothing to do with "plastic soul" at all. Problem is that I have no idea and no way to tell. ;_; When I look up the lyrics, all I can find are what I put up or copies thereof.
    Who was Lynnette then, I thought she was the one who brought us to the Sky Duel Area, and was fighting Johnny after we left. might have been Carter, but either way, they were probably using at least a water deck.
    i was looking at your convo with MasterMew... couldnt help but notice that you were hoping for a prize from the prerelease. I believe that the majority of the prereleases do not award prizes, rather you play a few rounds for fun, the everyone gets 2 more packs at the end.
    If it says Tolo, it's supposed to say Loto.
    Loto (more commonly know, to at least me, as Erdrick) is the hero of Dragon Warrior III. He is also an influence on the events of the first two games, as the heroes are descendants of him.

    "Lvl 7" refers to the "Mew Glitch" in the Gen 1 games, in which a Level 7 Mew could be caught on Nugget Bridge outside Cerulean.
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