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  • Hello,
    This is, the more I think about it, really weird; but I just wanted to say I've been reading your blog and I found the level of detail and the content overall to be fascinating.
    I've noticed that most of the locations in Black and White have at least two hex locations in the Pokémon data structure. Do you know why that is?
    Have you checked the Global Union yet? I'd do it myself, but I can't register due to not having either one of the games.
    Alrighty that would be awesome, I had no way to get a torterra or it's prevos and I just settled for a leech seed set, but I would love one!!! What would you want in return?? I'm breeding merarubas
    It's alright. Don't worry about it. I understand exactly where you were coming from. And, just so we're clear, I would be fine if I'm wrong. Disappointed in Iwata-sensei and Masuda-sensei but fine with it. It's really unclear at this point what was exactly meant (by asking a friend to help me translate the interview, there is a part that really got me wondering about the "Is this really Pokemon?" thing and my own research into the matter).
    Well, okay. Don't be mad when Junichi Masuda comes out and says something on the matter. And don't blame me for trying to tell you before he does~
    Uh huh. If you guys had any facts, I wouldn't even be bothering with the matter would I?

    Give me solid evidence, an official statement (etc.) that confirms that Isshu is based off of New York.

    Oh, I'm sorry, you've got none.
    And my question to you and everyone else is "Clarified where?" Junichi Masuda hasn't clarified anything on the matter of Isshu's basis. He's clarified Isshu's motif (and possibly, only one of the motifs yet to be revealed).
    Yes, I do. On both cases.

    The Motif (モチーフ) of Isshu (イッシュ地方) is New York (ニューヨーク).

    I thought I'd use a New York motif, why?

    No mention of basis in either source. Confirmed by a native speaker of Japanese as Japanese is my second language.

    Even if they are used the same in Spanish, there are special rules for using loanwords, also taught to me by that native Japanese speaker.
    So, according to you, I'm not following Masuda's words when I saw Masuda said "motif"? Motif... does not mean basis. No form of the word implies that.
    I live in Korea at the moment, though I expect to move back to California maybe next month.

    Yeah, I used to be kind of a nerd, too, when I still went to school here in Seoul, getting loads of awards, but I changed a lot through moving to the US (and at first, failing thanks to Korea's lack of good cheap English teachers), and I don't obsess over being the best... well, at least in that aspect, anyhow.

    My goal was to go to Stanford and make a good living out of it, or at least was before my dad forced me to move here and I didn't get a GPA or community service or anything, so it's looking to be a bit of a long shot now.

    Which college do you go to, now?
    Oh, I'm not "entirely" from the US as I've just lived there for maybe 5 years (though its customs have grown on me still), but yeah, shorter Medical/Law school time is always good. I myself took such a long break from 8th grade and onward that I just went and took the GED instead.

    And no, I didn't really mean that your personal life has to do anything with Pokemon, I just get curious about a lot of things. :D
    I was wondering, how can you be 25 and not out of college yet? Medical/Law school, or took a break, got held back, etc.?
    Funny that it counts as the same event, but that's good that you got to download it to your HeartGold version at least ;)
    Your welcome! I tend not to notice events all the time, so just doin' my part to make sure people have heard about it. ^_~
    I love that these events are wifi now, because events never come to Canada (at least not to my knowledge). It's nice to finally be in the loop.
    You've probably heard about this already but just in case you don't... ;)
    Do you know about the Jirachi wifi event that you can download now? (I only just heard about it myself. Spreading the word so others don't miss out on it) :)
    Je! En realidad a mí tampoco me gusta mucho el futbol, pero pensé que sería un buen pretexto para saludarte, además en nuestro país debes admitir que los que no nos gusta el mentado deporte somos más minoría que un no-mutante en el universo Marvel, así que cómo esperabas que yo imaginara que no eres fan del pambol? Pero yo también esperaba un mejor resultado, por lo que vi del partido, México tuvó llegadas fuertes.
    Hey there!! Cómo andamos? Para romepr un poco la poké-rutina XD...Qué te pareció el juego de esta mañana?

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