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  • well i do have a adamant Torchic with good IVs the only 2 i know for sure are 31 in attack and 31 in speed with the egg move reversal
    ok i wanted a flawless Jap ditto so bad im searching thru month old forums. can you tell me how you got a FOREIGN flawless ditto? and is it UT?
    Yeah. And it has an encounter slot of 10 (or 8 in Winter). And encounter slot 10 shows up... rarely, and even moreso with a good HP Fire spread. >.<

    Do you have time to teach me eggs now? It would make things so much easier (I have a lot of egg move stuff I would like shiny :3).
    I was trying to do a shiny Cryogonal with HP Fire (I don't know why the HP Fire...), but Frame 2 is impossible, so I'm looking for another seed now. :/
    You can manipulate for nature as long as the seed's nature is emboldened in RNG reporter; it means you can use a synch. :p

    Well, Psychic is only resisted by Steel and Dark, both of which are hit by Fighting type moves, so it seemed the best one to do, to me, since it only learns two Fighting type attacks (Low Sweep and Brick Break) which are both physical.

    Ohhh. Could I walk it outside the cave, then enter, and sweet scent? Or would that mess up my Frame/PID, too?
    I worked out the problem. I had 5 pokemon in my party so I couldn't possiby hit Frame 2; it would have advanced to Frame 6. That means I can't hit that seed with a synch and a sweet scenter in my party :(

    Oh, I managed a capture in an area with NPCs. It's a shiny Bold Gothita with HP Fight 70. Woo! Check out my blog and see! Just eggs to go, now!

    I was walking the 128 in a cave. Why?
    Yeah, I downloaded the newest one, and it now tells me my starting frame. So no worries!

    Although, I have another question.

    Another seed I'm trying to hit is this: Frame 2, Starting Frame 51, Nearest shiny 204, Encounter slot 10.

    I've set the date and time exactly right, and I've hit the right second, but for some reason I can't seem to hit the right IV spread. I've done it numerous times and not once have I managed to hit it. The only reason I can think is that it is on Frame 2 (all my other shinies were frame 1)? I have to walk the 128 steps first then advance the PID 153 times with Chatots, but still I never hit the right IVs?

    Any help/advice as to what this may be? It being on Frame 2 is the only thing I can think of that may be affecting it for some reason...

    So is there any way to advance to the right frame without the 128 steps? I really need to hit this seed, though (its the best HP Fire one, with the right encounter slot, that I have come across yet and I'm up to year 2027).
    Alright, great! We've had troubles with timezones in the past, so we might just have to work around that :3

    I did two more shiny captures (non-NPC areas);

    Calm | Prankster
    27/10/28/27/31/31 | HP Ice 67

    Adamant | Plus

    Which are alright, imo. I'm still getting the hang of finding shiny seeds that I can actually hit.

    Oh, and I have a question.
    I've found another shiny seed I want, and it's frame 1 with nearest shiny 258. However, when I'm trying to calculate my starting frame so I can hit the shiny, I keep getting a level 21 Venipede (slot 7) with the right IVs (so it is my starting frame) it has a Hardy nature, ability 1, Female. According to RNG Reporter, with this Venipede my starting frame is in the 1000s? :s Is there any way I can change/lower this so that I can hit my shiny frame of 258?
    Yay! I won't around until Tuesday after I'm gone today, so it'll have to be next week.. :p I did managed to do this shiny capture lastnight:

    Sassy | Mummy
    15/29/30/30/30/4 | HP Fighting 63

    It's not perfect, but with it being my first attempt I really couldn't be bothered searching millions of years for a 31/31/30/30/30/30 spread. I need help learning how to get past NPC advancement as well. Because I can only RNG captures in a few places at the moment, which has lost its appeal because I've nearly done everything I can >.<

    Sweet! Shiny Blitzle! :D :D That was hatched, too? That's well awesome. Thanks!
    Senna! Whenever you're online + have some free time, could you teach me shiny captures and/or regular eggs/shiny eggs, please? I just can't get the hang of shinies... plus, I haven't been able to hit most of my seeds today, and PIDRNG hates me (I had a shiny seed on frame 71, but my starting frame was 3334 -_-).

    It's just not my day. :/
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