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  • I haven't SR'd actually. I've been using fast hatch to breed. It's been very time consuming.

    Yay! Well done! That's a pretty sweet shiny + catch there. I'm going to attempt to learn sometime soon, although I bet I can't do it >.<

    Gigalith will be prety decent in UU imo. So it won't be wasted. :]
    I know. It's better all round in Gen V.

    Anyway, let me know when you're ready for the next 6 :p
    Yeah, I just checked. I'm guessing you'll have my Platinum if I have yours already. If not it's 3567-4555-6176.

    I'll see you in there :D Thanks for this! :D
    Right. I'll have a see, then. I'll head on to Wi-Fi with the first six, if you're ready?
    Right, I shouldn't be long now. How many should I send you over (I remember you saying that it's easier to transfera good number at once, but I don't want to trade too many...)?
    Cool I'll try not to be long. I need to quickly breed something. D:
    Great. Oh, I might be a little longer (some of the stuff I had ready to trade over, I no longer need, so I'm trying to find some more stuff I need.)

    I hope that's not a problem :p
    Oh sure! Great! :D

    I'm going to need 5 minutes to find my Platinum and that. Will you actually be sticking around this time? :p
    so you got ur game sync id now? and as for processsing registeration data it took some people along time mine was 24 hours +
    hmm so your still waiting to tuck ur pokemon? just leave the website on and try tuck in and wait thats all i can say!
    did u register ir game sync id and did u tuck your pokemon right if u tucked ur pokemon the first time they give u the id and if u miss it there is a way to get itat your pokemon main menu before u start continue go down there u will see "game sync settings" click that and it give u the id!
    did u got in if not before and half of the people couldnt log on and was stuck on processing registeration data i couldnt go on for the 24 hour + since i was stuck!
    Alright, I can usually stay online till ~1a.m. over here. I won't be available until Tuesday at the earliest now, though. So, I'll try to catch you later in the week, then. :]
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