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  • I was more just referring to the Discord avatar/banner/etc. Reminds me of when I played as Discord for April Fool's last year. That was loads of fun.
    If you're asking me to co-GM it with you, I'm afraid I'll have to decline. I don't really have time at the moment and if I did I haven't RP'd in so long that I don't think I'd be able to do a good job. Sorry.
    I had to check the username history to see who this was!

    I used to RP often but I don't really any more. Why do you ask?
    Have you ever played the Marvel Vs. Capcom games? The character from my avatar appears in them. He's Shuma Gorath, a god-like villain from the Marvel Universe.
    Could you edit this into the final chapter?

    Checker startled as Trixie walked away…then snarled. "Come back here! You're not supposed to forgive me! You can't be done with me! I made you! I'm the one who controls you! Come back here!"

    Trixie slowly stopped, looking to her friends. She then turned, a genuine smile on her face. "Checker...one more thing..."

    Checker glared at her.

    "...Trixie was wrong, there is good you've done for her...While you hurt Trixie so much, caused her so much pain...in the end, if you'd never done it, Trixie wouldn't be the mare she was today. She wouldn't have the friends she has now, or ever have seen them at all...For that, Trixie thanks you..." the showmare finished, her voice completely genuine.

    "T-thanks me?!" Checker stuttered, complete and utter shock on her face as Trixie walked away. "You can't thank me! Hate me! Fear me! I tried to ruin you! You can't like me! That's not how it works!"
    That could work. Though she is found criminally insane.

    I also wanted to do a side story showing Blueblood's turn around. The idea was, troubled by Twilight's words, he talks to Cadence about it. Since she's his cousin and much more like their aunts than he is and that's what he wants to know about.
    Here ya go.

    It's from my front door, and I was facing towards the front garden of our neighbours.
    Goddammit. So I buy something for WoT, and PlaySpan, the payment service they use, is down. Fuck me.
    I only have 50 euros left, which I'm planning to spend on something else, but if that doesn't get the go-ahead from my parents, I'll definitely keep that Chrysalis sculpture in mind.

    I need some 30 minutes to get out of bed so I can use my PC.

    Also, I'll send you the pictures of all these new vehicles I found, too.

    Hmm, maybe.
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