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  • Same to you!

    By the way, we have a piece of recursive fanfiction now: MLP: Hilltop Confession by *HolyCross9 on deviantART
    I'm fine, got a couple of Teasers for the Travelsverse up and a set date for when the first two stories are going to be out :3
    No, I don't have Skype, sorry.

    I just ask since before you posted a comment saying that you editted, so I didn't know you'd done the edits at all.

    Thanks anyway.
    No, but there was a second edit in that to when the mane six defeat Checker in the dream realm the first time (when she turned into an Alicorn) that added Spike, I can't find that edit.

    Thanks though.
    I've already enjoyed it quite a bit. Got it on Oct. 8 and completed the story a few days later. Looking forward to doing a video walkthrough with it!
    I appreciate the congratulations.

    As for the username issue, it looks like you're already discussing this with Leopard (Iteru) so I think I'd better leave it in his capable hands. I'm the same rank as him so I can't really go over his head to make the decision. If you'd like to remind him of the issue, send him another message or alternatively, if you're not happy with his handling of the issue, I suggest you use the complaints form. (I don't have the link to this to hand and I'm kind of in a rush so I can't get it just now - I'm sure any member of staff would be able to help you find the complaints form.)
    I just changed my name to Drayden for when the staff was doing all of the name changes. I wouldn't gone with Grimsley, but Blazaking swiped that one away from me.

    And, quite honestly, I have quite a bit on my platter at the moment. Might be a while before I can tackle that project, especially with an RP that I myself have to moderate.
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