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  • Oh i see, glad to hear. In fact i think ill send you friend request right away. You seem nice and i noiticed we share pretty similar opinions on some things, so why not?

    Such as Kanto and Orange Islands being my favorite poke seasons too. Although i did liked Johto to extent too, if anything than Master Quest. I felt writers finally picked themselves up starting to write better with Whirl Cup giving Misty some notable focus, arcs with TR, league or some gyms like Clair's being still one of my favorite moments.

    Although AG comes close second.
    Uh, not sure what this means. Could you please explain?

    Im not familiar much with such shortcuts and what they mean not being native speaker.
    This may seem little awkward, but you seem very familiar to me from somewhere. Do you by any chance have account on serebii?
    -a more in-depth look into the invention of the pokeball (My theory being this: There was a Silph Co [or whatever company is responsible] scientist who was trying to develop a device to carry around pokemon in a humane way. However, he/she couldn't figure out a good design for it, but while on a vacation/trip to Unova, the scientist stumbles upon a Foongus/Amoongus. This causes the scientist to have an idea. "Hmm, the pattern on this species of Pokemon is very interesting. It looks like something I can work with!! I will be promoted and maybe even get a Pokbel Prize!!" [or something like that]. So, he/she hurries back to his/her place of work with photographs of the Foongus/Amoongus and begins the task of designing, building, testing, etc. of his/her invention. Unfortunately, in the later stages of this, there is an accident. The scientist accidentally messes something up, thus causing the world's first Voltorb and Electrode to be formed. What's worse is is that they escape and multiply. However, eventually the scientist finally completes his invention and boom! The pokeball we know and love is released to the public!)
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