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  • Hey, i don't be a bother, again, but do you know how to customize a profile, i really can't understand those tools and now i'm dizzy!!!
    Can you gimme some tips, please!!! (CAUSE I'M PISSSED)
    Aww come on!! stop talking like !!! Even my aunt's funeral last week were more jolly then that !!! We can still play RP and those stuff if i didn't manage to change my woefull situation!! So cheer up, mate!!!
    Look mate i'm sure it would be great to join you guys.......but i'm still stucked in the 4th gen. 5th gen games are hard to find here, and my wi-fi connection is nothing but woefull, but there still slots on the project so if i manage to change my status in time, i'll surely join!!!
    Mate were gonna stay like this for the rest of the week with this short talk!!!Why is so hard to to trust on the rook!! you want a warrant or something??
    well mate i don't know many chaps around here, so guess is good to make some friends around!!(Don't belive him, he's just want someone to chat around!!!)
    thankx for the welcome mate (pardon my shoddy english) let's get straight to business, can i add you as a friend??
    team is great.happy for you to be a member.and also you are the only one that can have random type.that was the reward for sighning up early.

    have i? then so long as you do not attempt to infuse me with a soul, we should get along fine.
    i was drawn by your name, O master of souls. i am SS, the soulless shadow, king of the night, the almighty necromancer.
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