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  • ok.

    he won the case with a little help from his mentor Mia Fey, after proving Sawhit to of been the real killer

    The second case involved the death of his freind and Mentor Mia Fey, whom of which was murdered for having the ability to expose red white and his coorporate blackmail, (she was murdered at Fey & Co Law offices)
    initially, the police charge Maya Fey, the younger sister of Mia with her murder. Phoenix agrees to defend her in court, and wins against Miles Edgeworth, (on 2 counts, after the police then decide that wright was responsible)

    that was the introduction of Miles Edgeworth, prosecutor and childhood freind of Phoenix Wright

    (will give more tomorrow
    dude, that is totally criminal! xD

    ok, well, the original three ace attorney games, (phoenix wright ace attorney, phoenix wright justice for all, and phoenix wright: trials and tribulations) all centre around the defense lawyer phoenix wright, from his very first case, which was defending a childhood friend known as Larry Butz when he was accused of murder.

    (actually, see http://www.court-records.net/Characters.htm

    for more information, and I can give you more info if u want them
    hi, I saw your post in the ace attorney group. Which bit of ace attorney u needing to know about?, or do you want info on them all?
    That's the primary source. But when I'm short on time, I just make an article that's just a sentence with a category and stub template.
    Because my daily activity comes in random spurts. Mostly short instances at a time. It's hard to actually do the research and also input the information
    They aren't really active right now. I've been trying to do some work on them, but it is never big amounts.
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