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  • liiiiizz. I was wondering where you'd been ^^ I've been rather low on activity myself with some work and school things, though it's good to see you around. I'm also glad you stopped by the ponies at war. :3
    the lowercase username group - Bulbagarden Forums

    join us in taking over the world stopping the madness!
    Sure, that's cool, with me, if you're fine with it. Now to actually be online at the same time :p
    Umm, I'm GMT and I'm mainly online during the evenings/night, if I'm not busy. :p

    I only need the Wailmer and Tentacool from those, since other people have offered the Relicanth and Eevee. What would you like for them? :p
    All the time the forum has been offline I could see that I had a new VM - but I couldn't read it lol.

    Thanks, I'll still be able to complete the trade soon :)
    if you don't need the tynamo anymore that is fine, I just didn't want to not complete any trades that I had previously set up. I can still simply get a baltoy from pokeshifting off of a gen 4 cartridge sometime, I was really just wanting to get some IV'd pokemon to other people. If you still want to do the trade though I will really only be available in the morning tomorrow, and maybe the very early afternoon.
    I just saw that you posted on here so I'm hoping we are online at the same time finally, and I can trade you the IV'd Tynamo you had wanted (female—naughty—HP, Def., Speed) if you would like.
    I'll trade you over the Poli when we trade the Drilbur for Pachi. I managed to pick it up somewhere, and since you were supposed to win one, I guess it's only fair you receive it. ;P

    Just let me know when you would like to do the trade, then. :]
    3:30 pm Central is 10:30 pm my time (Western Europe) so that will work out nicely, I'm usually up and not too busy at that time. If you're online around that time today then please send me a VM, I'll probably be there too. :)
    Lizz, just wanted to know if you could join my mafia game? It's based on X-Men as well.

    and I need to fill in one more spot.
    I probably missed you online tonight, my apologies :( I think I'll pass on the Ditto, I'm not too concerned with someone patching their game but for my own inventory purposes I find the Japanese character name helpful, and admittedly part of the charm. I'll still happily trade you the Aerodactyl you wanted for the female DW Vulpix you mentioned, though :)
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