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  • Yes! I still have the Eevee, I'll have to dig it up for you, I've forgotten which game it was in. Generation IV, right?
    i'm free once i'm done EV traning this Aipom. no i dont want anything in return. i think the Pearl FC is still in my profile, if it isn't just tell me.
    Weird, I was here once I got home. I'll probably make the trade from my Heart Gold, so I'll send you that fc later tonight (i just restarted it, so I'll have to get it and put it here). I can trade anytime that works for you, I'm done with all my running around for the day and I'm never picking my brother up from work again because of how long I waited for him last night.
    Will you still be on in about an hour? I have a couple trades set up in a few minutes in Generation V, then I have to run and pick my younger brother up from work.
    Oh! Do you want it nicknamed? I had nicknamed it something else, but I've re-nicknamed it to it's original. I'm not sure what that'll do if you're going to evolve it. If you already know what you'll evolve it into, I can nicknamed it that.
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