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20 minute long Pokémon Presents presentation to be streamed on Pokémon Day, February 27th, from 6:00am (PST) / 2:00pm GMT / 11:00pm JST

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As expected, the Pokémon Company has confirmed that a Pokémon Presents video will premiere on the official Pokémon YouTube channel this Pokémon Day, February 27th, at 6:00am (PST) / 2:00pm GMT / 11:00pm JST. The video will be approximately 20 minutes in length, which is 6 minutes longer than the presentation in 2022. The media alert states that "Fans can look forward to around 20 minutes of Pokémon news and join in the conversation online with #PokemonDay.", however it stops short of giving any specifics about what kinds of announcements we can expect.

The press release this year is notable for being substantially less detailed than those for Pokémon Day 2022, and Pokémon Day 2021, which we can only assume means the Pokémon Company is intending to keep any announcements close to its chest this year. The brief media alert invites fans to "Celebrate Pokémon Together", linking to the ongoing #PokémonTogether campaign announced roughly one week ago.

Ever since the recent Nintendo Directs presentation, there has of course been significant speculation about this Pokémon Presents possibly announcing 1st generation Pokémon games for Nintendo Switch Online. Despite this however, we hesitate to read anything into the only other point of interest of the press release, with the note that Pokémon Day "marks the date when the first Pokémon video games were released", given that the past press releases also similarly noted the reason for the anniversary.

If you don't live in the Americas, and/or if you're just bad at doing timezone conversions, knowing the Nintendo Direct broadcast times in Pacific Time alone might not be all that particularly helpful. So for your convenience, we've compiled below a quick list of conversions for the most common timezones of Bulbagarden users, so you can quickly identify when the presentation starts for you. If your timezone isn't listed below, you can find a full conversion chart here.

Time ZoneMajor Cities in this TimezoneTime
UTC+13 (New Zealand Daylight Time)Wellington, Auckland3am, Tuesday February 28th
UTC+11 (Australian Eastern Daylight Time)Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra1am, Tuesday February 28th
UTC+10:30 (Australian Central Daylight Time)Adelaide12:30am, Tuesday February 28th
UTC+10 (Australian Eastern Standard Time)BrisbaneMidnight, Tuesday February 28th
UTC+9:30 (Australian Central Standard Time)Darwin11:30pm, Monday February 27th
UTC+9 (Japan Standard Time)Tokyo, Osaka, Seoul11pm, Monday February 27th
UTC+8 (Australian Western Standard Time / China Standard Time / ASEAN Common Time)Perth, Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei, Singapore10pm, Monday February 27th
UTC+5:30 (Indian Standard Time)New Delhi, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata7:30pm, Monday February 27th
UTC+2 (Eastern European Time / South African Standard Time)Athens, Helsinki, Johannesburg4pm, Monday February 27th
UTC+1 (Central European Time)Berlin, Paris, Rome, Oslo3pm, Monday February 27th
UTC+0 (Greenwich Mean Time)London, Belfast, Glasgow, Dublin2pm, Monday February 27th
UTC-3 (Brasília Time)São Paulo, Brasília, Rio de Janeiro11am, Monday February 27th
UTC-5 (Eastern Time)New York, Toronto9am, Monday February 27th
UTC-6 (Central Time)Mexico City, Chicago, Winnipeg8am, Monday February 27th
UTC-7 (Mountain Time)Denver, Calgary, Edmonton7am, Monday February 27th
UTC-8 (Pacific Time)Los Angeles, Vancouver6am, Monday February 27th


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