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'2011 Autumn Friendly' Wi-Fi tournament announced: Registration begins Oct. 12

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Nov 13, 2005
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'2011 Autumn Friendly' Wi-Fi tournament announced: Registration begins Oct. 12

As reported on the official Pokémon website, "2011 Autumn Friendly," the first international Wi-Fi tournament will be taking place Oct 20 to 24, with only 10,000 slots available.

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Cool. I wonder if participants will recieve a special promotion if they compete.
Cool. I wonder if participants will recieve a special promotion if they compete.

As long as it isn't a C-Gear skin..
Very cool, I'm liking this alot! Too bad I can't find time to start Black -_-
Ooh, I still have my fail VGC team from this year, maybe they can find some success in this. Definitely signing up, though I hope they don't set me up to battle on the 21st, because I'm on a class trip that day.
I got knocked out in Round 1 of the UK VGC qualifier (Despite being Top 16 in '09 and Top 64 in 2011). So I'm gonna be out for revenge xD
Gen V pokes only? I might end up skipping this, I'm not really a big fan of Gen V, along with the fact all my trained Pokes are among the earlier Gens.
I went to the Global Battle Union page but cannot find where to sign up for the tournament. I did click on the competition link at the bottom but it says there is none at the moment. Anyone sign up for this yet?
Sign-ups open on October 12th. Not open yet.
Wow, I feel like an idiot. I looked at my computer and it says it's the 17th. Well serves me right for not paying attention.
I was thinking of entering, but I've decided against it. Even though I feel my team could accomplish a fair amount, I really don't like playing competitively. Between friends is fine, but as a casual gamer, I'm not fond of that level of competition. Also, when I do get competitive, which I try not to, well, let's just say it brings out a side of me that I don't like. On top of that, I know the level reduction is for fairness, but still, it chafes to see countless hours disappear for a tournament's rules. So, in short, I'm not entering. Maybe if they were offering something big, like a large grand prize, and if the level reduction was removed (replaced with a Lv 100 rule), then I might be more interested. It sounded good at first, but after much thought, it's not my cup of tea.
So when do these signups begin? It's October 12 already where I live. They never really clarified what time they were going to open signups or what time zone.
Man, I've gotta go to sleep. I'll just have to hope all the spots aren't gone in the morning.
Stop posting. Triple post is a no.
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