The Wand Company's Master Ball Replica rereleased exclusively through Pokémon Center UK Store

The Wand Company, known for making premium functional prop replicas, and The Pokémon Company International announced this week that the Master Ball is now available for purchase exclusively at the Pokémon Center UK store. The Master Ball was originally released in 2021, but was not available from the Pokémon Center UK store during that initial release.

The collaboration between The Pokémon Company International and The Wand Company for a range of Poké Ball replicas was first announced in November 2020. Over 2021, they released replicas of a range of different Poké Ball designs, including the classic Poké Ball, as well as the Great Ball, Ultra Ball, Master Ball, Premier Ball, Dusk Ball, and most recently, the Heal Ball. This release of the Master Ball is part of a series of re-releases of designs from the first wave which will be happening throughout 2022 at Pokémon Center and other participating retailers.

All of The Wand Company's Die-Cast Poké Ball Replicas feature proximity and motion-sensing technology, making the balls glow with multicolored lights when they are picked up. When the button on the front is pressed, it initiates a Pokémon-catching light sequence.

Along with the Master Ball itself, the replica comes with a special edition plaque on its uniquely numbered and illuminated display case, as well as a stainless steel ring for displaying the replica on its own. The Master Ball is being sold by Pokémon Center UK for 99.99 pounds (~126.29 USD). Free shipping is available, however the Pokémon Center UK will currently only ship orders to locations in the United Kingdom. Fans overseas hoping to order this Master Ball replica will either need to wait for a (re-)release in their own country, or use freight forwarding services which can provide a UK shipping address.
ConfectionerMari Written by ConfectionerMari