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Additional Poké Ball Replica designs to be released throughout 2023 - Love Ball available now from Pokémon Center, from other retailers in February

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Continuing their collaboration with The Pokémon Company International, The Wand Company has announced four new Poké Ball varities that will be coming to their range of Poké Ball replicas in 2023. In addition to the Love Ball, fans this year will also be able to get their hands on replicas of the Dive Ball, Net Ball, and Luxury Ball. All of The Wand Company's Die-Cast Poké Ball Replicas feature proximity and motion-sensing, making the balls glow with multicolored lights when they are picked up, and include a stainless steel ring for display. Each ball is also packaged in it's own uniquely numbered presentation case.

Chris Barnardo - CEO of The Wand Company said:
“Through the continuation of our partnership with The Pokémon Company International, fans can expect to see even more premium and authentic Poké Ball replicas throughout 2023. We hope these new replicas will make fans feel as if they’re holding their very own piece of the Pokémon world in their hands.”

The first replica from this new set, the Love Ball, is available as of today for order from Pokémon Center in the US, Canada, and UK, and will be available for pre-order from participating retailers across North America, Europe, the Middle East, Australia, and New Zealand from February 11th. The other three designs coming later this year will see similar releases through Pokémon Center and other participating retailers, though as of writing no dates for these have yet been announced.

Cindy Ruppenthal - Senior Director of e-commerce at The Pokémon Company International said:
“Pokémon Center delivers the most premium merchandise for fans of the brand, and The Wand Company continues to create stunning replicas of iconic Poké Balls that capture nostalgic moments from Pokémon history, transporting Trainers directly into the Pokémon world. The exquisite details and careful design of each replica provide Trainers with another way to engage with the Pokémon brand while adding a premium item to their collection.”

The collaboration between The Pokémon Company International and The Wand Company for a range of Poké Ball replicas was first announced in November 2020. Since then, replicas have been released for a wide array of Poké Ball designs, which continue to be available from Pokémon Center and participating retailers.


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