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A Proper Introduction


"Wicked! Got some fight in you, huh?"
Jun 5, 2022
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  1. She/Her
Hey again! I'm sure you've seen me around before, but a second intro hasn't hurt anyone, eh? Besides, the old one needs a bit of shaping up (thanks younger me...)

Anyway, the name's Catz! I'm a guy, but here on the web recently, I go by She/Her; I actually don't know why but I like being called that. I'm a huge Sonic fan (how'd you guess), and of course, a Pokemon connoisseur.

I love to draw and write a lot, especially the latter. I strive to try and better myself in the form in any way I can, and I appreciate the feedback you lovely potential viewers throw my way. I do my best to take them into account to improve! As for my art, I wouldn't say I'm a picasso, but I know my way around a sketchbook and pencil if I do say so myself. Not really the confident type in drawing for others though, so until then, have a look at the sketches I've already made over in my art thread to see a little of what my style is like.

I love to talk to anyone and everyone here. It's fun to get to know and develop bonds with everyone I meet to grow as potential friends. If you ever wanna talk to me about anything, shoot me a PM or just write on my profile. Heck, I have my own BulbaBlog here dedicated to that kind of thing, where sometimes I talk about life, but its a place where I feel everyone can be welcome to speak their mind about something, a nice chill and safe space if you get what I mean.

I’m Asexual and an LGBTQ+ Ally!; I think it’s a really great community with amazing people, especially the ones here in the forums. I'm a really big lesbian enjoyer and squeal like a child whenever I see art of lesbians its just AHHH!!! Childlike enthusiasm aside, I really do love each and every part of the pride community, and love to see the people a part of it thrive and have the freedom to express themselves.

I think that's all from me I suppose, to any new people joining, welcome in! You'll certainly enjoy your time here, I'm sure. This is a great place where everyone is included and welcomed, so don't be shy to hang around and talk. The moderators especially; you guys rule!

Until then, keep on keepin' on!
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Belated hello Catz, nice to officially meet you. (b' ')b lol yeah I feel the same way about drawing for others, for some reason whenever I have the pressure of knowing artwork is for someone else I feel like it's a lot tougher to draw. More expectations to live up to when it's not for yourself!

Glad to see you've been enjoying yourself here :bulbaWave:
Oh, well things have changed a little since I wrote this. I'm now Asexual so you could say I'm part of the community now, but I've always been an ally! I probably should've worded that differently, sorry about the confusion!
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