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Review AG134: Mt. Otsukimi! With Py, Pippi and Pixy!

But...but how did they turn it into a whole stone again? Do they have magic fairy glue?

Pie said:
But...but how did they turn it into a whole stone again?
Well... Your 'magic glue' idea is probably closer to the answer than you think. Moon Stones emit a kind of radiation (that is what triggers the evolution). Put so many Moon Stones together and you have an awful lot of energy all in a very confined space. Maybe all that energy got the mass so hot that it it literally welded itself together like the meteorite in the 'Super Mario Brothers' movie. :p
Or maybe it's a plothole. :p But I'm loving the magic fairy glue concept.
*Sigh* Leaving Kortoise and Onigoalie? There are three families of Fire-types in the Hoenn set of Pokémon -- Achamo-Wakashamo-Bashamo, Donmel-Bakuda, and Kortoise. Haruka has one set, and Satoshi had Kortoise. Now, unless Satoshi gets Donmel or Bakuda, I don't see how leaving Kortoise behind makes sense. I understand Onigoalie, as he's fully-evolved now, has mastered Ice Beam, but still... Kortoise doesn't have an evolution, true, but she could've mastered an Eruption-Rest-Sleep Talk combo, or something like that... I guess I can understand if that Lizardon in the next episode is really Satoshi's old Lizardon, or if Satoshi will eventually get a Fire-type from Diamond/Pearl during his Battle Frontier adventure.

Oh well, at least we have Gomazoh again. It may be just me, but I think they had a reason in bringing Gomazoh back. First, Satoshi didn't really get to use him much, since he was gotten in late Johto. Second, if there is a new branch of evolution for Gomazoh in Diamond/Pearl, it may be revealed in the show first. Though, Donphan is a pretty damn versatile Pokémon, so I don't know if they'd bother with its family, like they did for Nyula.
I saw the pictures. Only thing that I seemed to like and find interesting was Misty leaving and the Misty x Max interaction. =/
I'd be content if they never made another episode about the Clefairy line ever again. I'm so sick of them.
Clefairy Glue

Jo-Jo said:
Or maybe it's a plothole. :p But I'm loving the magic fairy glue concept.
Actually, it might be right. I suddenly remembered that, in the Ono mangas, Clefairy are described as secreting a glue-like substance that they used to hold their shelters together.

Just a thought ;-)

I'm afraid to ask from which orifice they excrete that substance.
I dare you to ask that question on Pokemopolis. :p

Seriously though, it's generally considered not to hold that much weight. The best most people agree it can do is provide weak meta-hints about authorial intent.
So, is it Solar Beam that Gonbe knows, or just Metronome? I find it very implausible that all those Pokémon would randomly fire off Solar Beam at the same time.
I wish I could see the episode so I could see the thing where Misty and Max talk about having older sisters. Cause it reminds me of the episode with Mikey cause she did the same thing except talked about having three older siblings instead of sisters. Heh.
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*Sigh* There's always hope for November 21's new region.

Unfortunately, according to Serebii, it has been reported that the new games won't be coming until sometime in 2006 (I think he said it was reported in the latest edition of CoroCoro.)

It looks like this Battle Frontier thing is going to last for a while. If they don't do some more Misty specials during that time (or at least bring her back for a couple of episodes here and there,) I am going to be very sad.
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