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Review AG134: Mt. Otsukimi! With Py, Pippi and Pixy!


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Dec 21, 2004
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Yay I saw the preview.

Seems like the team gets seperated. Misty, Max, Azurill, and Pikachu are one group. Ash and Brock are another, and I can't tell if May is alone or if she's with them.

Seems like a regular filler though. Seymour wasn't in it, but the Clefairy and Clefable were dancing around.

... Weird that Misty and Max are alone. XD
I forgot about Seymour but now that you mentioned him too bad he's not in it cause I thought he was amusing.
It was quite obvious Seymour wasn't going to turn up, he doesn't actually live in Mt.Moon lol.

I don't like to jump to my guns straight away and say "it's just a filler", but I can't really say a lot else about it judging from that. Group splits up, Team Rocket try and steal some of the Cleffa and co., and the group rescue's them. Capesh.
But didn't he say he was going to stay with the Clefairy and Clefable?
But he also talked about travelling to the Moon...

Or was that the freaky professor from "Clefairy Tales"? o.o

Eh, it's weird if May isn't featured in the preview. Perhaps everyone's looking for her?

EDIT: Finally managed to see the preview. I'm guessing May is on her own then =O
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Belldaddy said:
But didn't he say he was going to stay with the Clefairy and Clefable?

Just temporarily to finish off research I would have thought. He's hardly going to live with them for the rest of his life, or would he?
Sharpshooter said:
Just temporarily to finish off research I would have thought. He's hardly going to live with them for the rest of his life, or would he?
He seems wierd enough to do so. :p
I got the impression he planned to stay with them forever. 'Cause he's a kook. :D But he did also say, "some day I plan to travel to the stars with the Clefairy".
Well, they don't reveal everything in the preview so you never know if Seymour will appear or not.....

I'm suprised no one mentioned Munchlax actualy does something in this episode. It is shown shooting a solar beam!
Yay, Misty/Max episode.

Nice to see Misty have an adventure with Max since the two barely spoke, although I'd rather it be Misty/May.

Oh well, here's hoping Max gets a crush on Misty. :D
Since it seems like the group is getting separated,what if there's another 'Forest Grumps' like moment in this episode? Only this time,it could be a toss up between Ash/Misty or Ash/May.
So I take it Misty leaves at the end of this episode? If so it technically isn't a filler.

Thank goodness we don't have to see that lame Togepi clone for much longer. Damn Azurill. -_-
8th movie = Misty is gone.

Everything is in place now. Ash has Phanpy, May has Squirtle.

Misty is not in 8th movie, case closed. The movie will fit into the anime perfectly now as long as Misty leaves, and since they're near Cerulean she's as good as gone.
Did I say Misty was going to stay for SURE? No. What I said was that there could be the little possibility of the group consisting of those five characters. Now, until the 8th movie is confirmed to be 100% in sync with the anime, I can take any speculation about it affecting the anime with a grain of salt.

And, to quote Juputoru...

"I wish it was really real!" - Ash. Yes Ash, go on commenting that you aren't aware that legends you've seen in movies are real. It simply give us more ammo to say "The movies don't affect the main show!"
So? The possiblity of Misty staying on the main group is quite slim.

I like her too and would love to see her for awhile, but she has the odds stacked against her too much this time.

Just like Archaics theory of the Frontier cast being Ash, Misty, and Max (lmao, did he really think the writers would get rid of May?) I severely doubt Misty will be staying.

Face it, AG is not Misty's show. Misty was a main character for Pocket Monsters, not Advance Generation.

Her show ended, as sad as that may sound.
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