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Review AG143: Pokémon Contest - Yamabuki Conference! (Part One) ・ AG144: Pokémon Contest - Yamabuki Conference! (Part Two)


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Jun 8, 2004
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From the preview, it looks like:

-Harley has a new, white outfit (still has the Noctus hat, though).
-Someone in the episode has an Eifie (Harley?).
-Musashi will enter the contest with Sabonea.
-Kojiro and Nyarth try to steal Pikachu and Zenigame.
-Vivian, or a variant of her, is in Kanto.
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Espeon and Ariados are great pokes to use, I can't wait to see May battle them with Combusken.
Espeon and Ariados... where have we seen that combination before.
FabuVinny said:
What's going on with Jessie and Cacnea?

It's obvious that Jessie will be using Cacnea in the Contest. Jessie is a coordinator too...kinda.

MistyIRC said:
Remind me of who/what Vivian is?

The lady who hosts every contest we've seen so far, she has short orange hair.
Unregistered said:
It's obvious that Jessie will be using Cacnea in the Contest. Jessie is a coordinator too...kinda.
That seems clear, but I was talking about the specific scene between them in the trailer.
Probably the same type of thing that happened between her and Chirean. Koji's Pokémon are probably as sensitive as their trainer...
Anyone notice the new look they gave to Espeon's Swift attack? Almost as good as the one seen in the fifth movie, much better than the plain white stars we normally had in the old days.

Espeon alone will make this episode worth watching, it's probably my favorite Eevee evolution.
Jessie was crying in that scene, so no, it obviously wasn't the same as the scene with Chimecho. At least, from what we know now.

Nobody mentioned that it looks like Squirtle will do the appeals round while Combusken will handle the battling.

* It's not Vivian, but Lilian. I don't know if they are sisters or what, but they are different. It seems like the Eifie is her's, too.

* The Ariados is Harley's.

* It seems like Musashi's hair got cut (think Strike back in the Orange Islands), but this time, she didn't get angry about it.

* Harley's still putting on a fake act.
Nobody mentioned that it looks like Squirtle will do the appeals round while Combusken will handle the battling.

Jut saw the next episode preview for part 2, and it looks like exactly the opposite ^_^. Squirtle showed off some pretty cool attacks in the video.
* Vivian is Lilian's older sister.
* Harley is helping out at the Pokémon Center (hence the lab coat).
* Harley appears to have gained the trust of Joy.
* In Kantō, one can switch Pokémon after round 1.
* Haruka picks Wakasyamo and Zenigame.
* Harley, up to his tricks as usual, tells Haruka that her Hōenn pass will be accepted, and tells her to not to be in a hurry...
* Sabonea is not too sure about Musashi... and grabs her face...
* While Musashi is, err, hospitalised, Kojirō and Nyarth execute a plan to steal her opponent's Pokémon to clear the way for her... as well as perform the motto without her. (Satoshi-tachi are not impressed.)
* Meanwhile, Sabonea is entangled in Musashi's hair... Joy has no choice but to hasamu cut it with a pair of Scizors a Hassam, the sight of which causes her to faint.
* Harley conveniently appears to stop Kojirō and Nyarth with his Ariados...
* Zenigame learns Ice Beam.
* And, of course, thanks to his misinformation, Haruka misses the registration deadline...
* But Lilian steps in and has Haruka registered the "previous" day.
* Lilian is voiced by 岡村明美 Okamura Akemi (Vivian is voiced by 高田由美 Takada Yumi).

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Looks like a good episode to be sure, but I'm especially glad that Harley's trick wasn't the same exactly as last time. They made it more believable for May to trust him again because he had gained Nurse Joy's trust, and he helped save the day with his Ariados. After all, how could a nurse's assistant have bad intentions?

Harley's one twisted guy, he's predictable yet unpredictable.

I think I like Lilian more than Vivian, and not just because of her taste in clothes and the cute little mole on her cheek. :kiss: Yes, I know Vivian has one on her other cheek but Lilian's is more noticeable and cuter! But one thing is unclarified, is she entered in the contest? When her Espeon was performing on stage the contest hadn't even started yet. Whichever, I loved her Espeon and how they have redone Swift's looks.

I know the series has done "jessie's hair is ruined" type scenes a lot but this one was appreciatively different. Having Cacnea get entangled in her hair and having to cut it out was clever. I'm especially surprised at how well Jessie took it, even if she did pass out. :flinch:

Some may object to Squirtle learning a move like Ice Beam so soon, but May has had a few battles with it and this is the first new move it has learned, so it's reasonable enough. Plus it really REALLY wanted to be in the contest and that kind of drive can really speed up a Pokemon's development.
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It has to, or else Squirtle would be useless in battle. They're trying to toughen it up quickly.

It's still a LONG way from becoming Ash's Squirtle however. Ash's Squirtle is probably one of the most powerful Squirtle in the world.
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