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Pokémon Masters EX's 4.5 Year Celebration is now underway, with a new Neo Champions event, Master Fair and 5★ Select Scouts, and a 3000 gem gift

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4.5 Year Celebration is under way! Master Fair Scouts now live!
As announced earlier during the Pokémon Presents presentation for Pokémon Day, a range of scouts, events and bonuses are launching in Pokémon Masters EX to celebrate the game's 4.5 year anniversary. The monthly message from the game's producers has also dropped, providing more detail on two of the Master Sync Pairs that will be making their debut as part of these anniversary celebrations. The next developer letter is slated for late March, and will include more information regarding new events and sync pairs coming to the game in April.

Log-In Bonuses and Gem Specials to Celebrate Pokémon Day and the 4.5 Year Anniversary
As a special gift for Pokémon Day, all players who log in before March 27th at 5:59pm (PDT) will receive a special present of 3,000 gems. To claim this present, players must have completed Main Story Chapter 1: The More the Merrier (Normal) in single-player.

An additional log-in bonus will be run over 14 days to mark the game's 4.5 Year Celebration. Players can receive these bonuses up until March 15th, at 10:59pm (PDT), so even if you're a couple of days late starting the event you'll still have the chance to receive all of the available gifts. Day
  • Day 1: Fair-Exclusive 5★-Select Scout Ticket x1 and Gems x300
  • Day 2: Gems x100
  • Day 3: Gems x300
  • Day 4: Gems x100
  • Day 5: Gems x300
  • Day 6: Gems x100
  • Day 7: Gems x300
  • Day 8: Gems x100
  • Day 9: Gems x300
  • Day 10: Gems x100
  • Day 11: Gems x300
  • Day 12: Gems x100
  • Day 13: Gems x300
  • Day 14: Gems x300
In conjunction with the 4.5 Year Celebrations, the following four Event Gem Specials will be available in the purchase gems tab of the in-game shop until March 18th, at 10:59pm (PDT), offering discounted prices on paid gems.
  • Celebrate 4.5 gem special 1: Gems x300
  • Celebrate 4.5 gem special 2: Gems x1,400
  • Celebrate 4.5 gem special 3: Gems x4,000
  • Celebrate 4.5 gem special 4: Gems x14,000

Neo Champions: Honing One's Love
Neo Champions: Honing One's Love

This new event sees Silver catching the eye of Geeta, who has freshly arrived from the Paldea region to judge Lear's latest Neo Champion Stadium. This event is available in-game now, and will continue through until March 24th, at 10:59pm (PDT)

Sync Pair-exclusive Lucky Cookies
By completing battles during this event, players can earn Event Voucher N items, which can be exchanged for a variety of valuable items including 5★ Power-Ups, 5★ Scout Tickets, Special Skill Feathers 21 and 22, Skill Items, custom Sync Orbs for Geeta & Glimmora and Silver (Champion) & Tyranitar. Also available for the first time as rewards are Sync Pair-exclusive Lucky Cookies, with ones on offer for Geeta & Glimmora, Silver (Champion) & Tyranitar, and Lance & Dragonite.
Additionally, players can take on event missions to earn Event Medals, as well as additional Gems, Battle Points, and Tech and Field Move Candy Coins.

As usual for events of this type, players will receive bonus rewards if they take on event battles using teams that feature specific sync pairs. The more of these sync pairs that players place in their lineup, the greater the bonus received. The applicable sync pairs and reward rates are as follows:
These bonuses stack additively, so having a team consisting of , would grant a combined +160% (x2.6) rewards.

Players should also note the following when playing this event:
  • The number of plays available for Daily Extreme Battle 1 are reset every day at 10:00pm (PST).
  • To participate, players must have completed Main Story Chapter 1: The More the Merrier (Normal) in single-player.
  • The sync pairs that appear as opponents in battle have different capabilities than those players can actually obtain.
  • All mission completion rewards must be claimed within three days of the mission period ending.
  • Leftover Event Voucher N items will be automatically converted to coins at a rate of 10 coins per item at the end of the event, and sent to players' Present Boxes
Extreme Battle Event: Take On the Young Talent
Extreme Battle Event: Take On the Young Talent

Players will face off against Penny and Ethan in this latest Extreme Battle. Sync Pairs in player's teams who are from Johto or Paldea will receive boosts to their Attack, Special Attack, Defense, and Special Defense, with this strength bonus increasing with difficulty level.

Two areas are available from the beginning of the event, Take On Penny! Part 1 and Part 2. An additional two areas will be added for players to challenge over the course of the event, with Take On Ethan! Part 1 and Part 2 being added on February 29th at 10:00pm (PST).

Players must have completed Main Story Chapter 1: The More the Merrier to participate in this event. This event will run until March 15th, at 9:59pm (PDT).

4.5 Year Celebration! - Special Co-op Battle!
4.5 Year Celebration! - Special Co-op Battle!

In this special event celebrating the game's 4.5 Year Anniversary, Trainers be able to earn a special reward once per day for taking on an exclusive co-op battle. The first-time rewards for each day of battles are as follows:
  • Day 1: Gems ×100 and Strike Move Candy Coin ×1
  • Day 2: Gems ×100 and Strike Roll Cake Coin ×1
  • Day 3: Gems ×100 and 5★-Guaranteed Scout Ticket ×15
  • Day 4: Gems ×100 and Support Move Candy Coin ×1
  • Day 5: Gems ×100 and Support Roll Cake Coin ×1
  • Day 6: Gems ×100 and 5★ Power-Up ×1
  • Day 7: Gems ×100 and Tech Move Candy Coin ×1
  • Day 8: Gems ×100 and Tech Roll Cake Coin ×1
  • Day 9: Gems ×100 and 5★ Power-Up ×1
  • Day 10: Gems ×100 and Sprint Move Candy Coin ×1
  • Day 11: Gems ×100 and Sprint Roll Cake Coin ×1
  • Day 12: Gems ×100 and 5★-Guaranteed Scout Ticket ×15
  • Day 13: Gems ×100 and Field Move Candy Coin ×1
  • Day 14: Gems ×100 and Field Roll Cake Coin ×1
Players wanting to participate in this event should note the following:
  • To participate, players must have completed Main Story Interlude 1: Let the Tournament Begin! in single-player. This interlude can be completed after players complete Main Story: Chapter 10 in single-player.
  • The sync pairs that appear as opponents in battle have different capabilities than those which can actually be obtained by players.
  • Players cannot take on this event area with 3 teams comprised of only their own Sync Pairs.
Geeta & Glimmora
Anniversary Master Sync Pairs and Scouts

Two brand new Master Fair-exclusive Sync Pairs, all of whom play a starring role in the Neo Champions: Honing One's Love event, will be making their debuts during the 4.5 Year Anniversary in individual Master Fair Scouts. As usual for Master Fair scouts, 5★ Sync Pairs will have a 12% chance of appearing in each of these scouts, with the featured pair having a higher chance of appearing than other pairs.

Geeta & Glimmora Master Fair Scouts
Geeta & Glimmora are a Poison-type Field Sync Pair, with the ability to deliver devastating physical attacks through a synergistic combination of Passive Skills and moves. One Passive Skill turns the field of play's zone into a Poison Zone when the pair enters battle, as well as raising their Attack by a full six stat ranks. Their second and third Passive Skills meanwhile turn turns every successful attack or sync move from Geeta & Glimmora into a critical hit, and increases their Physical Moves ↑ Next by one rank. If that wasn't enough salt in the wound for their opponents, their Blooming Mortal Spin Buddy Move also lowers the defense of all opponents by three stat ranks, as well as reapplying the Poison Zone.

Geeta in their 6★ EX outfit
This Master Fair-exclusive Sync Pair is being released with an expanded sync grid, the ability to be raised to 6★ EX, and the ability to unlock a Physical Strike EX Role when raised to 6★ EX. Raising the pair to 6★ EX also unlocks a new white outfit for Geeta, as well as adding a new Song to the in-game Jukebox.

The Geeta Master Fair Scout includes a daily discount, where players can perform a single scout for x100 paid gems. This daily discount can be used 1 time per day during the entire length of the scout. Additionally, the first five times players perform a Sync Pair Scout x11 for this scout, they will also receive the following bonus presents:
  • 1st Scout: Strike Move Candy Coin x1, Support Move Candy Coin x1, Tech Move Candy Coin x1
  • 2nd Scout: 5★ Power-Up x2
  • 3rd Scout: Sprint Move Candy Coin x1, Field Move Candy Coin x1
  • 4th Scout: 5★ Power-Up x4
  • 5th Scout: Move Candy Coin x1
In addition, a Special Present! Geeta Master Fair Scout is also available, requiring paid gems. This scout gives the same rewards as the regular Geeta Master Fair Scout for the first five times players perform a Sync Pair Scout x11 for this scout. In addition, players who team up with Geeta & Glimmora in this scout will also receive a Strike Roll Cake item, which is required to unlock their EX Role.

Silver (Champion) & Tyranitar Master Fair Scouts
The Master Fair Scouts for Silver (Champion) & Tyranitar will begin from March 1st, at 10:00pm (PST), and continue until April 7th, at 10:59pm (PDT).

Silver (Champion) & Tyranitar are a Rock-type Strike Sync Pair, with an unlockable Sprint EX Role. This sync pair specializes in working with and around Sandstorms, with one of their Passive Skills causing a Sandstorm the first time the pair uses their Sync Move, and after they become Mega Tyranitar. So long as a Sandstorm is on the field, all of their own moves and their Sync Move are powered up, as are the moves of all allies. In addition, their Eyes on Glory move raises their own Attack by six stat ranks, their critical-hit rate by three stat ranks, and in a Sandstorm also reduces the Sync Move countdownm by one. To top it off, this pair can also apply the Johto Circle (Physical) Field Effect, powering up the physical attack and sync moves of the player's team by 10%, as well as reducing the physical attack and sync move damage received by their team by 5%. These values are boosted when the team includes additional Sync Pairs with the Johto Theme skill, up to a maximum of 40% power-up and 14% damage reduction.

5★-Select Poké Fair Scout x15 (A)
5★-Select Poké Fair Scouts

Three separate 5★-Select Poké Fair Scouts are currently live in celebration of Pokémon Day. On top of giving players a whopping Sync Pair Scout x15, each of these 5★-Select Poké Fair Scouts offers players the chance to select and team up with a 5★ Sync Pair. Each of the three separate scouts features a pool of Poké Fair Exclusive Sync Pairs, with each scout focusing on different regions. The 5★-Select Poké Fair Scout x15 (A), (B), and (C) each require 5000 paid gems, can be used only once each during the scouting period, and will remain available until March 20th, at 10:59pm (PDT).

5★-Select Poké Fair Scout x15 (A)
Pool of 18 Fair-Exclusive Sync Pairs from Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn
  • Lance & Dragonite
  • Steven & Metagross
  • Sygna Suit Red & Charizard
  • Sygna Suit Blue & Blastoise
  • Sygna Suit Leaf & Venusaur
  • Red & Snorlax
  • Blue (Classic) & Aerodactyl
  • May (Anniversary 2022) & Latias
  • Sygna Suit Morty & Ho-Oh
  • Sygna Suit Giovanni & Nidoking
  • Sygna Suit May & Blaziken
  • Sygna Suit Brendan & Latios
  • Sygna Suit Steven & Deoxys
  • Sygna Suit Wally & Gardevoir
  • Eusine & Suicune
  • Sygna Suit Silver & Sneasel
  • Elaine & Eevee
  • Chase & Pikachu
5★-Select Poké Fair Scout x15 (B)
5★-Select Poké Fair Scout x15 (B)
Pool of 26 Fair-Exclusive Sync Pairs from Sinnoh, Hisui, Unova, and Kalos
  • Cynthia & Garchomp
  • Sygna Suit Cynthia & Kommo-o
  • N & Zekrom
  • Lysandre & Yveltal
  • Alder & Volcarona
  • Iris (Alt.) & Hydreigon
  • Diantha & Gardevoir
  • Ingo & Excadrill
  • Emmet & Archeops
  • Elesa (Classic) & Emolga
  • Lucas & Dialga
  • Sygna Suit Cyrus & Darkrai
  • Sygna Suit Dawn & Cresselia
  • Skyla (Anniversary 2022) & Tornadus
  • Sygna Suit Korrina & Marshadow
  • Sygna Suit Hilbert & Genesect
  • Sygna Suit Hilda & Victini
  • Sygna Suit N & Kyurem
  • Sygna Suit Diantha & Diancie
  • Sygna Suit Lysandre & Volcanion
  • Emma & Crobat
  • Palmer & Regigigas
  • Argenta & Skarmory
  • Akari & Samurott
  • Rei & Decidueye
  • Sygna Suit Roxie & Toxtricity
5★-Select Poké Fair Scout x15 (C)
5★-Select Poké Fair Scout x15 (C)

Pool of 22 Fair-Exclusive Sync Pairs from Alola, Galar, and Paldea
  • Gloria & Zacian
  • Marnie & Morpeko
  • Raihan & Duraludon
  • Sygna Suit Leon & Eternatus
  • Raihan (Anniversary 2022) & Flygon
  • Bede & Hatterene
  • Gloria (Dojo Uniform) & Urshifu
  • Victor & Rillaboom
  • Anabel & Snorlax
  • Sygna Suit Hau & Tapu Koko
  • Sygna Suit Mina & Tapu Fini
  • Sygna Suit Acerola & Tapu Bulu
  • Sygna Suit Lana & Tapu Lele
  • Rose & Copperajah
  • Oleana & Garbodor
  • Leon (Alt.) & Dragapult
  • Gloria (Alt. 2) & Cinderace
  • Nemona & Pawmot
  • Sygna Suit Piers & Toxtricity
  • Penny & Sylveon
  • Grusha & Cetitan
  • Iono & Bellibolt
More information on each of these pairs can be found on Bulbapedia. As always, Poké Fair-exclusive Sync Pairs may reappear in future Poké Fair Scouts.

Fair-Exclusive 5★-Select Ticket Scout
Fair-Exclusive 5★-Select Ticket Scout

As noted above, all players who log-in to Pokémon Masters EX anytime until March 15th at 10:59pm (PDT) will receive a special ticket allowing them to use the Fair-Exclusive 5★-Select Ticket Scout. This log-in bonus can only be received a single time during this period. As the name suggests, this Ticket Scout will allow players to receive a 10x scout, after which they can select one of three 5★ Sync Pairs to partner with. The sync pairs players may select from this Ticket Scout are:
More detail on each of these sync pairs can be found through the Bulbapedia links above. This Ticket Scout will remain available until March 25th, at 10:59pm (PDT).

Skyla & Swanna
Miscellaneous Updates

Trainer Lodge Update
As previously announced in the Version 2.42.0 patch notes, Skyla, the Gym Leader of Mistralton City, and a PML Leader of the Pokémon Masters League, will be available to be invited to the Trainer Lodge from February 29th, at 10:00pm (PST). To invite Skyla, players will need to have teamed up with 3★ Skyla & Swanna, who can be acquired by completing Chapter 5 of the Main Story's PML Arc.

Sync Pair Updates
Alongside the debut of Geeta & Glimmora, the four existing Sync Pairs of Trainers originating from the Paldea region are all being updated with new Paldea Themes and Theme Skills. These Sync Pairs are:
Special Battle Event: Take On a Tenacious Silver!
An Special Battle Event starring Silver (Champion) & Tyranitar will launch in-game this weekend, on March 2nd at 10:00pm (PST), running through to April 11th, at 10:59pm (PDT).

4.5 Year Celebration Daily Sweepstakes
Pokémon Masters EX is currently holding a special sweepstakes to celebrate the 4.5 Year Celebrations, giving players the opportunity to receive a commemorative Trainer towel.

A total of 15 of these Towels are up for grabs, with 5 being awarded to residents of the United States or Canada (excluding Quebec), and a further 10 on offer for residents of Japan. To enter, players must follow the appropriate Pokémon Masters EX account for their region on X (@PokemonMasters or @pokemas_game), reposting the official contest post (English / Japanese), and then for the English contest only reposting the daily posts for the contest. These tasks need to be completed by players prior to March 3rd, at 9:59pm (PST) for the English contest, and February 29th at 2:59pm (JST) for the Japanese contest. Winners will be selected sometime in April this year, with prizes expected to be delivered starting in June.
Post on the official @PokemonMasters account on X (formerly Twitter)
Japanese rules for the 4.5 Year Sweepstakes
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