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Review AG143: Pokémon Contest - Yamabuki Conference! (Part One) ・ AG144: Pokémon Contest - Yamabuki Conference! (Part Two)

I think Squirtle loved the concept of performing onstage more so than actually battling, since what it was so entranced by was, not a battle, but how beautiful Espeon's practice appeal was.
Jessie looks good with short hair. I hope they keep it. The comet was great but it was getting old.

Harely is up to his old tricks again. (But him immitating Brock with Nurse Joy was a hoot.)
The Big Al said:
Jessie looks good with short hair. I hope they keep it.


I've always thought Jessie would look more attractive if they changed her hair style.Team Rocket definitely needs a make over,I didn't understand why only Ash and Brock got a new look in AG.

Also,Jessie's short hair reminds me of the shippy manga pic she and James are in.Could James' pony tail be far behind?
Nomekop Oen said:
Could James' pony tail be far behind?

Dear lord, I hope so. (drools at the thought of it)
MistyIRC said:

Wha? C'mon,I'm sure you know what pic I'm talking about...

If not,then here you go.

I didn't really notice in the preview, but I'm sure someone can get the specific frame with her in it.
Argy said:
Dear lord, I hope so. (drools at the thought of it)

XD Yeah, it would be an interesting change, at least for a couple of episodes. He does it up in the ponytail for the samurai stuff...

BTW, the pic is from Toshihiro Ono's 4th pokemon manga. it's the opening pic of the short story at the end.
Lilian is a lot more charismatic, and perhaps, trendy, than Vivian, I'd say. She is also able to get crowd quite a lot more excited than Vivian.

Harley's reputation seems to have fallen through the floor... And so he gives up the act.

Musashi steals the appear round, first with a dramatic, heartwarming hug scene (Pikachu doesn't look too sympathetic) with Sabonea, then a Pin Missile... But the pain becomes too much too handle and she goes catatonic.

Zenigame has stage fright... but she's not performing. Wakasyamo is. For a chicken with clawed wings, it seems to be dextruous enough to tie her headcloth...

Musashi vs. Harley is battle round one... Sonansu vs. Ariados... no one makes the opening move. Lilian gives them both a yellow card which cuts the points by half. Sukizō at last says something other than suki-desu ne. So... Harley's plan: use String Shot to turn Sonansu into a puppet!

Final round: Haruka vs. Harley. Zenigame vs. Ariados. Ariados executes Scary Face in a rather unsual fashion... Zenigame executes a powerful Ice Beam... but cannot control it, and falls on its back due to the recoil. Zenigame is picked up and thrown into a spiderweb... The recoil from its Ice Beam breaks it out of the web and Freezes Ariados and its web. Ariados can't get a grip on the frozen web, and Zenigame Tackles it to the floor.

Harley is bitter, as ever.
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???? Haruka winning is a bad thing?

Grrrrrr. That's not fair, Wobuffet is invincible!! It should have won, not Ariados. Seriosly, I think the writers need to let Jessie make it to the finals at least once, her contest abilities improved a lot over the course of Hoenn and she doesn't cheat anymore in the battles. It's not fair that Team Rocket always has to lose. *glares at the writers of the Pokeringer episode*
Yeah Wobuffet winning would have been great, too, but it doesn't seem to have offensive moves, making it hard to win. It can be effective by countering, but that's not always enough for finally winning.
Well, and yeah I think Haruka shouldn't have won. It was so fun to watch that crybaby hanging in Ariados' net. And I like Ariados.
May winning with an inexperienced Pokemon is a bad thing. She's due for another loss soon, I don't want to see her winning contest after contest.
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