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Review AG146: Esper VS Ghost! Midnight Duel!?

I think so too, actually. We all know how much they love their dodge. And it's not even just the dodge, either, but references that would go completely over the heads of most kids viewing it. Like remember the Sudowoodo episode? How many six-year-olds are going to get why it's funny that the scientists are named Marie and Pierre?
While this episode does look interesting, it will be disappointing if through the season we don't encounter ANY old characters. Sabrina especially would have been nice since so much could be done with her. Forget about a rematch with Ash, with her powers and background there are huge numbers of options.

*imagines TR busting in, Sabrina's eyes glow and they are teleported away to land in some lake.* :loopy:
It was a decent ep...wasn't too surprising. I did like the Sonansu and Kiruria affection scenes...made it somewhat enjoyable.
Heh, we've never seen Wobby fall in love before. Great Wobby/Kirlia scenes.
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