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Review AG146: Esper VS Ghost! Midnight Duel!?


Dec 29, 2002
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Pre-preview hence the fact that the preview isn't exactly up on TVTokyo yet, and won't be for several hours, but it's possible some of you may have seen it by now. *Will edit later with the picture*

EDIT: Nevermind, Sabrina isn't back, sorry.

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Is Sabrina's back, then chances are, the Ghost in the title is Haunter. Whoo hoo!
Whoa, the anime writers DO have a memory after all! They remembered the existence of Sabrina!
Somehow I have a feeling that, if it's even true that Natsume/Sabrina IS returning, she's probably going to not only look different (extreme makeover to match the FRLG artwork), but also sound different (different seiyū) from when we first saw her back in the old Kanto episodes.

I'm actually kinda split on this; part of me hopes she looks the same (or at least has the same voice) for continuity's sake, but then the game purist in me hopes to see her in her FRLG outfit.
She'll probably have a new outfit.

I'm glad we get to see Sabrina again. By far my favorite gym leader! :D
Damian Silverblade said:
Whoa, the anime writers DO have a memory after all! They remembered the existence of Sabrina!

Lets just hope the writers don't call her REGINA or something. ;-)
Sabrina's returning? Awesome. And a possibility of Haunter? Awesomer! :D Now I can't wait for this episode. Hopefully the preview will shed some light on exactly what's happening.
Anyone else think Ash might actually beat Sabrina this time?

I've always wanted to see Ash beat the Kanto Gym leaders that he never really beat (Erika being another one where I want to see Ash "beat her")

And the ghost in the title should definitely mean Haunter. Does this mean that Ash will control Haunter in battle for the episode? God I hope so! :D
Sabrina's cool and all, but isn't her story essentially over? I mean, her two halves merged at the end of the Gym Battle, right? So anything the writers do now would be dealing with a calmer, non-evil version of the Gym Leader.

Personally, I'd rather see more of the Gym Leaders who only got one episode each (Lt. Surge, Erika, and Koga).
It's great character development. Does it matter that Sabrina's story is over? We barely got to see her new personality, as it was only in the last 5 seconds of that episode. Not to mention seeing Haunter again is a plus, as well as a possible Gym rematch since Ash has never technically beaten her.

What's not to like? I'll take episodes like this over all the crap filler with generic characters they've given us so far. This is probably one of the most anticipated episodes of this saga so far as we've gotten nothing but filler showcasing old Kanto Pokemon that we've seen a million times already.

This also gives the possibility of Ash seeing the other Kanto Gym leaders again too, so this is all very good news.
I didn't see Sabrina at all in the preview. The faux-ghost mecha is amazingly cute.
Bad news. The episode takes place in somewhere called Ghost Town, and the title describes a group of random Ghost Pokémon fighting over a tower with a bunch of random Psychic Pokémon. Team Rocket has a big mecha and does their usual thing. No Sabrina. No THE Haunter.
Bah... sorry guys. First time in three years this has happened. >_> You guys can hate me all you want now and poke me with a stick until you've done it enough.

And this is the last time I'm using that source (not good old 'Ani)

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Could Sabrina still be in these episodes anyway? Maybe they didn't want to show her in the preview...?
*Pulls Telephone Pole out of ground.* Let the poking begin.

This sucks. If this is any indication, Erika won't return either. Why did they even bother to return Kanto if they weren't going to bring back some characters from season 1?
The big question on my mind is....why did they leave Saffron? isn't the Battle Arena in Saffron City?? If they really need to do these filler why not put them AFTER the battle Arean episode?
And to think there are still two more filler episodes after this one before they go to the Battle Arena. :/
Oh well... look on the bright side, Hypno's getting more screentime! For once it's being physical and not just standing there. Hell, Harrison's wasn't even that athletic.

Plus, to all who complained about the Ralts line getting the shaft in Hoenn... well, here you go.

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