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Apr 6, 2023
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Alright. First of all, I’m new to this sort of thing so please forgive me if I posted in the incorrect location. I’ve just wanted to say something for many years. I do apologize if this isn’t the correct place. I also am not trying to start any drama. I’ve just wanted somewhere I could speak my mind in regards to pokemon and other such things.

I also apologize as this is probably a rant. I do not have good social skills and I’m partially autistic. I am not here to be problematic. If anything this is really the only thing I want to say. I’m so sorry if this is not how I am supposed to do things here.

So I have wanted to say this for so long. But I never knew where. In my honest opinion, I think people are generally scared or get like hate mail etc. when they create content that’s against social norms. Such as altoshipping. A fair amount (not EVERYONE) dislike more open minded and unique people. Now not everything should be allowed to happen (obviously).

I’m not saying that everything that goes against social norms SHOULD be allowed, but there are some things that I feel should be understood better. Referring back to the thread, while many people have said it already, those 4 shipping’s generally are the most popular.

But something I noticed, was that there used to be far more stories with more risqué shippings and stories back in 2015 and before. I used to see a ton of Altoshipping (which is by far my favorite) stories. But I don’t know exactly what happened, but a lot of them disappeared or got deleted or something. I suspect they received hate mail, life got busy, or were scared to continue with how much people insult and shun them. For instance, I’ve seen and known a few artists, authors, and people who’ve made cute pictures or stories of characters that aren’t completely human or different species (such as altoshipping) that are completely appropriate for all. Yet they were insulted and threatened to the point they deleted everything and disappeared. All because people couldn’t accept that the characters weren’t human.

These days, people are more cautious about what they write, because I’ve seen plenty of authors disappear and delete stories because of the haters. It’s sad because many of them wrote great stories.

If anything, I had reached out to the authors of the great stories I found, especially altoshipping. Yet barely any have responded. While I realize the recent events in the anime are the probable reason, there are still quite a few followers of the stories. I know some recent stories that have gained at least 70 or more followers for altoshipping.

I know that everyone has their own opinion. I AM NOT saying others are wrong and I’m right or that my opinions are the ONLY CORRECT ONES! Far from it! This is just my thought process. I just feel like if people could learn to at least accept or tolerate or just try to ignore the fact that others like some exotic things, we as a society could prosper a bit better. There would be less hate by far at the least. People would be able to express themselves and be happy.

That being said, I found something online that basically describes what I feel in regards to like, altoshipping or inter species etc.

Anyway, here I present to you the Jack Harkness guide to interspecies love:

  1. Is the species intelligent?
  2. Is the species of what would be considered a sexually mature age?
  3. Is the species capable of clearly communicating consent (and consenting of course)?
That is something that I feel should be the key factors. Love is love. As long as you love someone that is as intelligent as we are (humans in general) then why should you care? It’s not affecting you in any way. Just don’t pay attention then.

I know this is probably a rant. I deeply apologize. This has bottled up for years and years. But it’s something I’ve noticed time and time again. Especially in literature. Some of my favorite books and stories hint at some romances between different sentient species, yet they always end up with their same species or alone.

Now I KNOW the author has full control over the story. And I dang well know I have no right to complain or criticize for how they write. I still enjoy their books! But I feel like if people could just accept some of strange/exotic ideas people have or at least not like harass or hate the people who express themselves, that we could eventually learn to tolerate and grow as a society. It would even allow more exotic and interesting movies and opportunities to be presented!

Like I said: there are some things that are NEVER good. Common sense tells us which things are that way.

But I am so tired of losing great literature, artwork, and entertainment because people can’t take two minutes to blacklist, leave the page, or just not even read or watch the things that they hate! Instead they have to be negative and cause good ideas and works of FICTION to be lost forever!

It’s like the whole Jacob and Edward thing during the twilight era. The movie vampires suck sort of pointed that out.

To some people, altoshipping may seem gross, disgusting, a joke, or pointless. But to others like myself, we enjoy it because it’s not only exotic, it shows that love can blossom in even the most impossible and unthinkable circumstances.

Altoshipping and similar kinds of stories inspired me. It’s what helped me through my teenage years. It kept my depression and anxiety from controlling me because it was beautiful. It showed that anyone can find love. Even a slightly autistic, socially inept, hyperactive person like myself.

I know this will probably get criticized or maybe even deleted or such, but it’s fine.

I just want people to know that they should be free to express the things they like,(within reason of course) I don’t want to see more negativity than is already here.

I’m sorry if this upsets anyone. I’m sorry if this is bad. I’m sorry for ranting. But..I just want somewhere where people can be understanding and be able to accept or at least hold in their disgust or hatred of people who are wanting to express themselves freely without fear of being threatened or harassed. Sure I’d love to see more altoshipping stories too.

I love a lot of the 4 main shippings too! I’m all for great writing! But when it first happened, altoshipping was extremely common. But people started hating and threatening and it stopped the stories and life too of course.

with altoshipping, it was usually innocent. With the cute stories between an innocent and sweet Latias and dense Ash. It always made good reading material to me. Because I only ever saw two living creatures in love. They were romantic and honestly the really good ones really followed the characters behaviors and attitudes from the anime.

Again, I’m sorry for this. I truly am. But..I just can’t stand when I see the things I like being called like a joke or something.
As a fan of interspecies romance, I couldn’t agree more with this. It is explicitly stated in-game that humans and Pokémon married in the distant past (At least in the Japanese version.), so I see absolutely no problem with AltoShipping, or even Leg/BodySlam Shipping for that matter. Thank you for this. Very good and interesting read.
So I don't know about the other human/pokémon ships out there (in fact, this type of ship feels more like actual friendship than love to me), but if I remember correctly, the Latias in the fifth movie was able to shapeshift into a human, so this Latias is, in a way, similar to how dragons in stuff like D&D are able to shapeshift into humans to walk among them and in some cases, said dragons are able to produce children that are half-dragon, half-human. The context behind such a birth depends entirely on how those halflings came to be though. But at the end of the day, with all things considered, I don't see Altoshipping as a particularly problematic shipping, but I understand the concern from other people regarding human/Pokémon ships being on the "squick" side of things. So long as you see the love between Ash and Latias as genuine and devoid of the gross parts, I accept it.
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