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TEEN: little stories of my own

[AUTHOR'S NOTE: I have been feeling annoyance towards my sister lately, she is not even remotely like this btw.]
..."But you said that we were going to the park yesterday!" my stepsister screamed at my stepfather, "I know, I know, I've been busy with work, we can't go right now. Maybe tomorrow." he said "You said that YESTERDAY!!" she screamed back. She was the most. Spoiled. Ten-year-old ever. She had already gone to the park this week and gotten ice-cream with her bratty friends, Stan really needs to learn how to say no. "Stan," I said, my stepfather looked at me, "you need to know when to say no. She's already gone to the park this week. And gotten ice-cream. And gone to the roller-park." "You're right, I should learn to say no. The loss of her mother might have been too much for her." okay, she was a total brat before that, but I didn't say that. "NO! NO! NO!! I will get what I want when I want it!!"...
You’re an inspiration to me! You placed the straw that broke the camel’s back for me, and now I’m gonna write my own Pokémon adventures! Thanks for the inspiration!
...The Eye that watches night, it guards us against the night wolves that will hunt us relentlessly, the night wolves will howl in a primal hatred as old as the sun. But even the Eye needs to sleep, on those nights we fend for ourselves. For I was born on the Eye's full watch, I am able to stay in the waking world as long as the Eye is asleep, people born on Eye's full watch are extremely rare, but twins on the Eye's full watch is unheard of. The tribe thought it as a blessing from the Eye. But it was an omen. For my twin disappeared nineteen Eye sleeps ago. When the Eye is watching us, their eye is bright white, almost like the burning sun, but cool and refreshing. My mother was born on the Eye's closing night, it was too close to Eye sleep. For people born on Eye sleep are cursed, they are thrown to the wolves to not plague the night villages.
Freedom is new. Freedom is amazing. Freedom is everything to me now. I left the night village nineteen Eye sleeps ago, leaving everything I had ever known. Including my beloved twin. I was welcomed into the sun village as an equal, not someone who was of the night, it took a while to adjust to the sun, but it was worth it. We do not worry about the night wolves, for they were just messengers from the Sun! Telling us to join their world and rejoice! Do not live in darkness, for it will bring fear and pain, do not live in darkness, for it will bring cold and bitterness. Whenever we outcast the born-on Eye sleep, they were not eaten, rejoice! They were given homes in the sun village, and in turn they use Eye abilities to help the harvest. Though the strangest thing was, was that the Eye is not a spirit, but a thing called a moon, just like their sun, but of darkness. I sometimes see the Eye in the light, it is strange. The most difficult thing was leaving my twin, they are most likely looking for me now. Tonight is the twentieth Eye sleep since I have gone, I should go back and tell everyone the news that we can rejoice and bask in the sun...

[Author's note, I saw the moon tonight on a drive, and thought, 'Wow! That looks like an eye, wait, this is a great lore idea!' I cannot decide though if the tribes should be Native American, European, or Asian, though Native American sounds the best.]
We should get together and write this more sometime, or combine our stories (I’m making a book called Wolfbane)!
Look at what you’ve done haha
Look at what you’ve done haha
I am glad you think so....
Someone very close to me said my stories were bad, no, their exact words were "Your stories are crap, stop posting.", I know that some of you will be like "You shouldn't listen to what they said! Do what you love!", but my problem it that this "person" is actually my mind, and I have found that I don't like them actually, I just have some mental stuff going on, I might post here again, I might not. I'll still be posting in my art channel though! Please don't react to this message with hugs or likes, they wont make me feel better in this situation, if you want to react, leave a reply, I need some outside voices. please
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