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Amazon Japan opens Pokémon Store: Pokémon Center merchandise now available online

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Nov 13, 2005
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Amazon Japan opens Pokémon Store: Pokémon Center merchandise now available online

Items previously exclusive to Japan's chain of Pokémon Centers, as well as many other products related to the series, are now available to buy online through Amazon.co.jp's newly launched Pokémon Store.

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But I'll probably not be able to afford any, considering international shipping costs and generally being a university student. But still... Woohoo!
I wasn't even aware that amazon had a domain there. I was under the impression that Rakuzen was their equivalent.
They have games going all the way back to Red/Green (which is very reasonably priced). They've also got stuff like TCG2 and Box, along with GB/A cables and transfer paks. If anyone wants this stuff that isn't shipped internationally, there's always the option of buying a Japanese PO box and forwarding everything from there
Naturally, this comes out after I shelled out $180 for exclusive Club Nintendo golden-nun-chuck and classic-controller. ._.; Gonna have to wait 'til Christmas before I can get anything.

Either way, though, awesome~ Bookmarked.
OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!

My pikachu plushie has been awful lonely, time to give him a piplup !! YESS!!
I would love to buy stuff, but I do not possess the ability to read these infernal moon runes they insist on writing everything in.
Amazon.co.jp doesn't ship outside of Japan, I'm pretty sure.

So if anyone wanted to get anything and they don't live in Japan, they'd have to get a Middleman Service, which would mean more extra fees.

I might do that, in fact P:
Oh goodness; I went to translate the page and I got THIS in the side bar.

Censored for some language

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