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New Pokémon puppets arriving at Pokémon Centers in the US, U.K., and Canada, while Pokémon Center Japan announces new Paldea plushies

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Sinistcha plush and Feucoco plush puppet
Pokémon fans in the West will find a new line of plush puppets available online now at the Pokémon Centers for the US, U.K., and Canada. The “Bite Buddies” collection is aptly named, featuring toothy favorites Fuecoco, Totodile, Greavard, Gible, and Trapinch. Standing at about 10 to 12 inches tall, each Bite Buddy hand puppet comes in at $29.99 USD.

Totodile plush puppet
Greavard plush puppet
Gible plush puppet
Trapinch plush puppet

Fans in Japan won’t be left out for new plushies, as Pokémon Center Japan has announced five new favorites from Paldea and Kitikami arriving in-store on April 20th, with online preorders beginning April 18th. Pawmot and Polchageist will be available for ¥2,200 ($14.35 USD), Pawmo and Sinistcha will be available for ¥2,970 ($19.38 USD), while Finizen will be ¥4,400 ($28.71 USD). All five plushes in this drop will be available via Amazon Japan in limited quantities, beginning April 27th.

Pawmo plush
Pawmot plush
Polchageist plush
Finizen plush


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