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anime-style battling (2)

"Your Pidgeotto is tiring out. About time, Body Slam!"

me: breeze, hang in there! let's use aerial ace!

breeze: pidgeotto!


' she flies at ariados and flips in the air, then she became engulfed in streaks of white light and flies into ariados, disappearing before hitting him '

she hit him

me: great, breeze!

ok, come back & take a rest, breeze...

breeze: pidgeo~ returning to her pokeball


me: go, brownie

brownie: furret!
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Ariados had flown into a tree, but caught a Sitris Berry and ate it

me: brownie, use slam on the tree to get him down & then use slam again, but on ariados

brownie: furret, furret, furret...

Ariados was sent flying, and landed on a tree unconscious

bugsy: ariados~

ariados: arriii~

ref: ariados is unable to battle... furret wins

me: great work, brownie!

ellie: pika ^^

brownie: furret, furr ^^

evelyn: :3

bugsy returns ariados to his ball
Bugsy then sent out a Butterfree, who immediately uses Confusion. The confusion caught the Furret and threw it into the wall

ellie: pipi! (brownie!)

me: brownie! hang in there

brownie: furret!

me: brownie! try & break free!

brownie: furret! furrret!

me: great, now let's use rock smash!

brownie: furrrett!!

she ran a little, she jumped a bit, with her hand glowing white & she went to punch butterfree with it....

the rock smash attack hit
But Butterfree was unfazed, and used Silver Wind

me: brownie, look out!

silver wind hit her a little bit

brownie: furret~

she landed on the ground

me: are you alright, brownie?

ellie: pi-ka-chu?

brownie: furret~ (i'm alright)

me: ok, let's use quick attack!

brownie: furret!
fur, fur, fur, fur, fur, fur...

when she got to a tree, she climbed up it... & continued to use quick attack off of the tree

quick attack hit him (?)
Butterfree used Confusion to prevent a good impact, and throw Furret all around

brownie: furrett~

me: brownie, you can do it!

use fury swipes!

brownie: furrret~

furr, furr, furr, furrret!!

it hit 4 times

butterfree: freee~~
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