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BDSP Are these games worth getting if I never played the originals?


Dec 13, 2022
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Thread title. I've never played the original main series gen 4 games. My understanding is people don't like these games because they're a copy and paste of the original Diamond and Pearl games and don't do anything different like HGSS and ORAS. But if I never played the original Diamond and Pearl I would assume that would be a non-issue?
As someone who had never played a gen 4 game and then got BDSP at launch, I would recommend them. It was a lot of fun and even though it may not be the best incarnation of Sinnoh, it’s worth a shot! Especially considering gen 4 games are… hard to come by to say the least.
You'll probably have even better experience than if you had played the originals because of the various QoL updates BDSP has. The originals were notoriously slow in many ways and BDSP is very fast in comparison. Other QoL updates also include expanded Pokemon availability via the new Grand Underground and modern HM system (calling a Pokemon to help you instead of taking a moveslot from your party).

Mind I still like the pixel aesthetic and unique content of the originals more, but my preferences don't make BDSP inherently bad in the not-worth-buying way, especially if you're new to Sinnoh! I'd recommend playing both if you can, but if it's not possible, BDSP is fine in its own way too.
On the plus side you'll enjoy Contests and the underground which sound like good time-sinkers as well as some challenging battles.

On the bad side, I consider the Sinnoh gameplay and story fairly average and the Pokedex is very restrictive.

I feel both Legends and SV are more complete options, but if for some reason you don't like open world and want a quick blast to the past, sure, go for it.
Yeah, it'll work. They're not quite 1:1 but that's in mostly good ways (the only real way it got worse was that the movement feels sticky at times, especially the bike). It gained a lot of quality of life improvements and even has an expanded dex.
These games are defiantly very similar to the original sinnoh experience. However, there are many improvements such as the fairy types and better in battle graphics. Also, the sinnoh region are one of, if not the best, regions
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