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As of today this account is officially 15 years old


Dec 23, 2008
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  1. He/Him
15 years ago today I signed up for this forum, can you believe it. That's half my entire life ago! When I made my account I was one month away from turning 15, now I am one month away from turning 30. The years I was most active on this forum were very formative for me and I've met some friends for life on here. I was also very formative for this forum, as it was thanks to me that the War Room forum was created and I even moderated it for a while. I used to host the best mafia games this forum has ever seen I tell you what.

I just felt like acknowledging this anniversary for a moment. :giggle: I probably won't come back to be an active poster here, as I've gotten older I feel less the need to voice my opinions about things to strangers on the internet. Like old people who won't leave facebook I can still be found reblogging shitposts on tumblr once in a while though, if you recognise and feel like keeping in touch with an oldtimer like me.
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