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Audre's Assorted Headcanons


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Feb 22, 2023
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I wanted to create this thread as a place to put all of my various headcanons for not only canon characters but maybe my OCs if people are interested. If you'd like to request headcanons, you're more than welcome to. Just reply and let me know :)
I thought I'd start off with 20 questions all about Lucian (thanks Welkamo for allowing me to use this template!)

Lucian Headcanons — 20 Questions

1. What are their music tastes? Can they play an instrument?
Lucian is open to listening to anything, but he prefers listening to soft instrumental music while reading. As for musical talent, he excels in the harp and piano, the former of which he's practiced since childhood.

2. What's their earliest memory?
Listening to his mother read bedtime stories to him in Kalosian.

3. What makes them worry?
Lucian tries not to show worry—or really any negative emotion—but many things make him worry: the well-being of his Pokémon and loved ones, Shauntal overworking herself, his house disorganized in any way.

4. What do they do in their free time?
Read, analyze literature, play the harp, learn new words, read...

5. How extroverted/introverted are they?
Lucian is extremely introverted, but that doesn't mean he can't conduct himself in social situations. He is a gentleman in all aspects of life, thus his social battery does drain quite easily. Couple that with his exceptional yet all-consuming telepathy.

6. What's their guilty pleasure?
Lucian can't help himself if he sees a sweets shop.

7. What do they think of children?
Lucian is not open to having a family, but outside of that he admires children's resilience.

8. What's their favorite book genre?
All of them. Lucian will voraciously consume any book. Though, if he had to only choose a favorite genre: philosophical writings and/or poetry.

9. What are their bad habits?
Lucian is a night owl, and can most likely be found reading late into the night. As a result, he rarely gets sleep.

10. What sports do they do?
Lucian isn't exactly a "sporty" person. He did, however, dabble in aerial performance (hoops) as a child.

11. Coffee or tea?
Tea. His favorites are Earl Grey and lavender.

12. Night or day?

13. What's their happiest memory?
Finally finishing the longest book ever written in Kalosian after spending 2 years annotating and analyzing over 4000 pages.

14. How easily do they cry?
Lucian rarely cries.

15. How do they react to extreme cold/heat?
Lucian isn't very fond of the heat or hot weather in general. He loves the cold though, and especially likes overcast days.

16. What's their presence on PokéSocial Media like?
Lucian doesn't have any social media in the traditional sense, but he does have a blog where he posts literature analyses, philosophical reflections, and the occasional poem or two.

17. How good are they with technology?
Lucian considers himself pretty tech-savvy but isn't a showoff about it.

18. Who are/were their role models?
Olympia and Cynthia, and of course his eternal beloved Shauntal.

19. Are they romantic? What's their ideal partner?
Lucian is happily married to and deeply in love with Shauntal. They frequently shower each other with flowery love notes (or in Lucian's case, monologues).

20. Do they get along with others?
Lucian is known to be one of the kindest, most polite people. He gets along with most everyone, despite his more reserved nature (though he does get slightly vexed around Flint, but doesn't show it, of course).
These are very sweet headcanons! I especially like the one about Olympia being a role model to Lucian. It's a super cool connection, idk how to pinpoint it. Like, it suggests that maybe Olympia is a world-renowned Psychic and a leader/mentor/role model to psychics all over the world

Forgive me for being predictable but uhhhhh do you have Wallace headcanons
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