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Art Requests are now open!


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Jun 17, 2023
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Hi everyone! ^^ Digital here. I take art requests now! I did really well last night, making an art of an anime character (almost midnight lol) and because of thus, I thought, “hey maybe I could open an art shop of my own!” And, here I am! I have now opened: an art shop! Like the shops I’ve seen! (I’ve also seen fanarts of canon and OC Pokémon characters, which is another thing that inspired this.)

What I can draw fanart of:
  • Canon characters and Pokémon
  • OCs (ex. one of my OCs with your OC)
  • Canon characters/Pokémon and OCs
  • Profile pics
  • Banners
  • Fake screenshots (POSSIBLY, this isn’t for sure just yet)
  • There’s a few more things, but these are ones I can start out with!
There is currently five slots empty. If you request, let me know in the comments and I’ll add your username to this list. If the list is full, I’ll still accept your request, but I can’t add you to it until one slot is back to empty.
It could possibly take from a day to a week, for a request to get done, btw.

Slots Filled:
  1. Teebs96
  2. Empty
  3. Empty
  4. Empty
  5. Empty
Thanks to @Orchid and @c la fet for inspiring it!
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i would like to make a request of plainhiveshipping. thats bugsy x whitney. do whatever you feel with it im just curious to see what you do!
Alrighty! I’ll add you to the roster! My art shop is currently closed, however, it’s not open again until September (and besides, I might need some more drawing practice, that’s why I said September as then I’ll be able to draw really well/decently and then complete requests quicker).
Heyo, I know September isn't today (in fact it's tommorrow :lapras: ), but once it opens again, may I request a drawing of a fighting scene between a Scyther and a Machoke ? They would be using the Slash and Karate Chop respectively, and both moves would clash. I can PM you an image reference if you wish !
for my next avatar, i would like someone to make a drawing of this character from transformers: prime:

his name if jack darby. he is just a normal human teenager that discovered the transformers. if you want to, her is a picture of the autobot he is partnered with:


will you do this, or should i ask someone else?
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