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Bulbagarden Skyscraper


Ongo Gablogian, the art collector
Mar 1, 2015
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The rules are simple, Bulbagarden forums is building a skyscraper, and you get to decide what goes on each floor! The only downside is that the plans say the skyscraper can have an endless amount of floors... If you had a skyscraper, what floors would you put on it? Structure your posts like so:

Floor ####
This floor has a zoo, that only contains Hippos.

Person 1 does floor 1, poster 2 does floor 2, etc etc.
You may not edit anyone else's floor.
There are no limits as to what you can put on your floor, meaning you could put things on a floor that typically wouldn't fit. Such as a skyscraper itself if you wanted!

Had a quick look and couldn't see anything like this, but if there is then I apologise. (I found this on another forum whilst I was looking at the mafia championships, so just wanted to point out it wasn't my creation!)

Ill start then,
Floor 0:
This floor contains four levitating cows.
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Floor 2:
This floor contains a derelict pirate ship, overrun by giant lobsters
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