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characters online chat


i still love ditto, but i like this album too
Dec 13, 2021
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  1. He/Him
i know that 1, this is a bit weird, and 2, there is something similar existing, but I think this might be fun. ok, we pick a fictional character and then start pretending that we are posting as them on an online forum. make up a username and start your messages with "(username) :". don't tell the other players the character you are pretending to be, but make sure you don't forget it yourself. if you want to change characters right:
"(username of old character) signed out
(username of new character) signed in"
PraisebeAntimatter: It's so boring here in the Distortion World, there's practically no one to talk to. Well at least I got this weird thing humans call a "laptop", at least I'll be able to see the old world through this.
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